YHT Disaster Defense from TCDD: Scissors Were Problematic Repairs would take a long time

TCDD senior executives, 13 in Ankara 2018 December 9 people died in the High Speed ​​Train disaster, while explaining the causes of "long-term repair of shears due to the change of line," he said

According to the news of Burcu Cansu from Birgün; “On 13 December 2018, statements about the disaster that 9 people died in the YHT accident in Ankara, which the expert found“ flawed ”, were made by senior executives of TCDD.

TCDD General Directorate Traffic and Station Department Head Mükerrem A., EKAY Department Head Erol Tuna A., Traffic and Station Department Branch Manager Recep K. and 8th Regional Service Deputy Manager Ergün T. , said that derailments increased at the eastern switches and they had to change the line because it took a long time to repair them.

After the expert report, which was found to be "flawed" about 17 managers, including TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, who entered the investigation file, the prosecutor's office expanded the investigation. TCDD managers were asked about the reasons for the "shifting of the YHT maneuvers from east to west", which was shown as one of the causes of the accident in the expert report.

Mükerrem A., who signed the letter about the change of line, explained the following:

HT YHT 8. Regional Manager Duran Y., 6 December The day before 2018, he called me. YHT Ankara Gar, the scissors in the eastern jihad has become unmanageable for maneuvering, so the YHT maneuvers for two days has not been made from the eastern jihad said.

When I asked why they did not replace the defective scissors, they said that there was no spare, they ordered, what zamHe said that the future is not certain. Duran Y. said that the YHT maneuvers in the east can no longer be done, that they will accept and dispatch the trains in the west through the working switches, and that he will make a request to put this in writing. On December 6, 2018, he sent me his verbal requests with the phrase 'very urgent' on YHT Station Traffic Regulations and requested regulation.

So I talked to YHT Traffic Station Management Service Manager Ünal S. on the phone. Later, his assistant Ergün T. came to my office and I asked him why this was deemed necessary. He also said that the scissors could not be repaired, so they actually switched to such a practice, that it was necessary to turn the application into written form and to be issued as a general directorate order. We have already written down the process of accepting and dispatching trains from the west, which has been actually being implemented by the YHT Regional Directorate for a few days.”

General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. Deputy Deputy Director of Regional Service Ergün T. stated in his statement, amacıyla The proliferation of derailments in the east scissors, the long repair thereof, the intensity to be brought by the Eastern Express and the change in the acceptance and dispatch of the trains in the west, in order to use less distance and labor force ” said.

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