TCDD Pet Transport Rules

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You can find detailed information about TCDD Pet Transport Rules in our news and you can enjoy safer and hassle-free travel with your little friends.

  • You can take your small pet with you under the following conditions.
  • Small pets that can be carried (birds, cats, fish, small dogs, etc.);
  • The cage sizes should be large enough to carry on your string.
  • Your pet must be in the cage and not cause any damage or pollution to the wagon and seat to be traveled.
  • The odors and noise of transported animals should not disturb other passengers.
  • The ID card of the animals transported and the veterinary health report should be with you during your trip. (For cats and ornamental dogs, the health certificate issued by the Municipality is valid.)
  • In wagons other than covered bunks and bed wagons in main line trains; In YHTs, pets are allowed in all wagons under the above conditions.
  • In addition to this, you will need to buy your 50% discount on the full standard fare depending on the train and distance to be transported to your pet.
  • If it is determined on the train that it does not comply with the above conditions, it may be banned from your traveler and the collected travel fee is in no way refundable.

TCDD TRANSPORTATION INC. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of transport of pets.


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