Defense Sector Meets at this Summit

International Military Radar and Border Security Summit, the new meeting point of the defense industry, will exhibit domestic and national defense force investments. S-400 and F-35 issues will be discussed at the Summit, the sector's development and export potential to take the necessary steps to be discussed.

Turkey's defense industry giants, will be held in Ankara 2. He is preparing to meet at the International Military Radar and Border Security Summit. 2-3 by MÜSİAD Ankara will be held at Hilton Garden Inn Ankara Gimat on October 2019; industrialists, representatives of the ministries, academics, technologists, military control and border control experts and senior decision-makers from the army, gendarmerie and police.

The latest technologies in border security will be showcased for the first time

The latest developments in border security will be conveyed by expert speakers in the field and the products produced with the latest technology in the sector will be exhibited. It is expected to sign important agreements at the Summit, which provides the basis for domestic and foreign collaborations.

F-35 crisis to develop Turkish defense industry

About the summit, MUSIAD Ankara Defense Industry and Aviation Sector Board Chairman and Board Member Fatih Altunbaş said: “The issues we have been experiencing recently, originating from the S-400 air defense system and F-35 program, have once again shown that Turkey's heart beats in the defense industry. The sanctions we have experienced so far, zammoment mediated us to move our defense industry forward. Our Turkish engineers demonstrate that we are taking firm steps forward in this sector with the new products, technologies and equipment they have developed. The International Military Radar and Border Security Summit, which we organized for the second time this year, will bring together all parties of the sector. At the Summit, we will discuss what can be done to raise our national and domestic defense industry to a position that both meets our needs and exports.”

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