Reports for Domestic Automobile Production Point to Konya

Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)
Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Deputy Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party and Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı and MHP Konya Deputy Esin Kara gave a Araştırma Research Proposal ına to the TGNA Presidency for the establishment of a domestic automobile facility in Konya.
In recent years, initiatives for the establishment of an automobile factory in Konya, which is a leading company in the field of industry and automotive parts production, continue. Finally, on behalf of the MHP Group Presidency, Konya MPs Mustafa Kalaycı and Esin Kara offered the Parliamentary Presidency the opening of a parliamentary investigation to establish a domestic and national production facility in Konya. 2019 / 275, 98 of the Constitution and 104 Regulation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to examine the necessary conditions for the establishment of the necessary infrastructure of the domestic car production facility and the preparation of the investment floor. and 105. In accordance with the articles took place in the opening of the Parliamentary Investigation.


MHP Konya Deputy Esin Kara, said in a statement to our newspaper, the local automotive facility in Konya spent great efforts to establish the expressed. For the establishment of domestic and national automotive facilities in Konya, MHP President Devlet Bahceli said that Konya was the most suitable province in a speech before the 24 June elections and said: “He gave a parliamentary research proposal for the establishment of the automotive facility in Konya. Currently, MEVKA, KSO, KTO, KOS as a result of the comparison of the province of 8 in the studies of the most appropriate province of Konya is revealed in research. Of course there is some objection. The reasons for the objections include reasons such as the distance to the ports and the employment problem.

We also; All kinds of sub-industries related to the automotive sector are already present in Konya. Konya industry is ready for this, we say that great contributions will be made in subjects such as infrastructure, employment and development. I think it would be unfair to be eliminated just because there is no port in Konya. End zamAccess to the port will be very easy and fast with the High Speed ​​Train line built at moments. We ask for the support of all Konya representatives for the establishment of an automobile facility in Konya. We are expressing all the problems of Konya together with our Kalaycı President in Parliament. I hope the domestic automotive facility and the same zamWe want the facility to be established in Konya with the defense industry at the moment ”.


Speaking at the Seljuk Congress Center by the Konya Chamber of Industry last year at the Conference of the Future of the International Automotive Sector (OSEG), President Memiş Kütükcü said that the domestic car is the most suitable city to produce in Konya. Stating that the reports from Ortay proved this, President Kütükcü said: “Konya, Chamber of Industry President Memiş Kütükçü stated that Konya is the most suitable place for the production of a domestic car. We have also revealed this claim with reports. We are the only city to report to a professional organization. Come to all political circles and domestic automobile joint venture group and make this investment in Konya. I would like to repeat my call for winners doing business with Konya ”


Many cities entered the race for the establishment of the production facility of the domestic car. In addition to Konya, one of the cities that want the facility to be established on its borders; Bursa, Kocaeli, Kayseri, Eskisehir, Mersin are coming. Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA) 's Pre-Evaluation Report for the establishment of domestic automobile facility in Konya has many advantages of many Konya. At the beginning of the report, it is stated that there is employment and the population of the 20-30 age group is intensively included in the population. In other parts of the report, geographical location, human capital and social life, Konya industrial infrastructure, automotive sub-industry and supporting sectors were given in detail. In addition, transportation is strong in Konya.


The authorities in Konya continue to make all their efforts to establish the facility where the domestic automobile will be produced. At the OSEG 5th Conference held in Konya, all details for the establishment of Konya's domestic automobile production facility were reported separately by KSO. Konya and Turkey's domestic automobile emphasis on work conducted by the domestic automobile issues addressed in the report, that Konya is the right address for the domestic auto investment was made once again a highlight. In the report; “Marmara Region is no longer able to bear its own burden. Thus the industry to accelerate the development process in Turkey needs to spread to Anatolia. In this sense, Konya is the right address for domestic car investment. The city, which offers 5 different location suggestions to the investors in this regard, has the phrase “it has a more advantageous location and investment infrastructure than the provinces such as Aksaray, Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli, Manisa, Sakarya, as stated in the Automobile Manufacability Feasibility Report in Konya”. He had received. (Servet R. Çolak-Hometown)

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