Ordu Boztepe Teleferik Prices, Hours and Accommodation

Ordu Boztepe cable car line is one of the most famous tourism regions of the Black Sea. Located in the middle of the Black Sea coastal road, Ordu is an important tourism center that welcomes visitors both directly and on the road with its natural beauties and scenery.

When you reach the hill, zamAt the moment you encounter the wonderful view of Ordu. One of the most beautiful things to do in this environment where the green is abundant and the blue meets, of course, is to enjoy the view. Here you can watch the sunset or try the paragliding sport.

You can enjoy the scenery better by taking the Ordu Teleferic line up and down the hill and you can take photos. There are 28 cabins on the cable line.You reach the hill after a minute journey. There are approximately 8 meters distance between the town center and the 2.350 masts on the cable car line. Ropeway passenger capacity is 7 per hour as one way. The ropeway engine power is 250 kw. The 750.000 Meter height ropeway also features the longest distance (341 meter) between two masts in the world.

The journey by cable car line takes an average of 10 minutes. The wagons on the cable car line are named after the districts of Ordu. Visitors who ride the cable car under the supervision of the officials continue to enjoy the unique view accompanied by the Black Sea music during the cable car ride. Cabins are for 8. There are total 28 cabins.


Weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Opening 08: 30 / Closing 24: 00
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Opening 08:00 Closing 24:00
TELEPHONE Contact number: (0452) 225 14 56


Roundtrip - Return (Full) 9 TL
One Way Departures (Full)  6 TL
Return-Return (Student, Disabled) 7 TL
One Way Departures (Student, Disabled) 5 TL
Departure - Return Martyrs and Veterans 5 TL
One Way Departure Near Martyrs and Veterans 2 TL

Students (formal education), disabled people with a disabled card, veterans, veterans and martyrs' families and can benefit from the discounted ticket application. (Persons with a relative (1st degree) certificate will benefit)

  • Children aged 0-6 are free of charge.


You can have a nice breakfast, eat meat, go paragliding, have a picnic. There is a lot to choose from in this regard. Moreover, you can choose the hotels in Boztepe to stay in Ordu. Since the view of Boztepe is exactly towards Ordu and the Black Sea, we can say that a unique view of nature awaits you unless it is foggy.

Army Paragliding

Ordu paragliding price for 2019 is 250 TL and you need to make a reservation in advance. You can get information from sales offices for Ordu paragliding price for the current year! Paragliding in Ordu takes approximately 20 minutes and landing is done to the beach.

Those who do not prefer the cable car can reach the region with other road alternatives. It is the vehicle road. The distance between 8 and 9 kilometers takes about 20 minutes. You can find alternative routes on the map. Direction signs are available throughout the city. While you are coming from Samsun or Trabzon on the Black Sea coastal road, you can easily go to Boztepe in Ordu and have a rest.


There are different alternatives to stay in Boztepe. Below is a list of facilities:

Akamoy Hotel: Akamoy hotel welcomes its customers with 8 duplex apartment built in 9 acres. It offers paragliding and treking activities to its customers. The hotel offers its guests various options such as weddings, celebrations and events.

Address: Boztepe Mahallesi, Devecik Mevki No: 20, 52100 Altınordu / Ordu
Phone: (0452) 505 05 55

Radisson Blu Hotel: It is one of the newest accommodation facilities in Ordu. You can get a good service for around 250 TL and stay here. It also offers luxury rooms and 130 rooms. You can reach them with the following information:

Address: NizamYou've mah.boztep house in the outskirts Series No: 54/1 Turkey Army
+ 90 452 6666888

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