Goodyear is back in the Le Mans 24 Hour Races and FIA World Endurance Championship!

Goodyear Le Mans Returns to 24 Clock Races and FIA World Endurance Championship
Goodyear Le Mans Returns to 24 Clock Races and FIA World Endurance Championship

Goodyear Returns to Le Mans 24 Clock Races and FIA World Endurance Championship !; Goodyear will develop a new range of tires and will rejoin the European and international car races such as the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the Le Mans 24 Clock Races.

FIA The World Endurance Championship consists of the Le Mans season final and long distance races on four continents. Cars with Goodyear tires have won this race 14 times.

Goodyear chose the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship as the first step back in auto racing. These races stand out as effective platforms for the development of tire technologies for prototype cars and GT cars. Goodyear Motorsport Director Ben Crawley on the subject; "Due to the nature of the races, tire selection is critical. Our technology teams at the innovation centers in Europe are pushing their limits to explore different development opportunities for Goodyear tires. '

Goodyear's innovation centers in Hanau (Germany) and Colmar-Berg (Luxembourg) have been working on a new tire range for Le Mans Prototypes for over a year. Together with Goodyear's Eagle F1 SuperSport series, these tires will be developed and manufactured for supersports and racing cars. Thanks to the exchange of information and technology between road conditions and race classes, the performance of the tires is expected to be maximized. The tires will be launched at the start of the 2019 / 2020 WEC season in Silverstone in August.

Goodyear's return to world-class auto racing takes place by joining the most iconic of these races. With more than 250.000 participation, Le Mans is known as one of the largest sports events in the world.

Goodyear has a history of success in motorsport. In addition to winning the 24 times for the Le Mans 14 Clock Races, Goodyear tires also played an important role in winning the 368 Formula One Grand Prix, and this record has yet to be exceeded. Goodyear also has significant experience in automobile racing after many years of success in American IMSA races.

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