Special Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles at North Peripheral Motorway

Charging station
Charging station

In the Northern Peripheral Motorway with fast charging stations specific to electric vehicles; Enerjisa Enerji bought last year, Turkey's most popular electric vehicle charging station network, which EXCHANGER, 255. station on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the North Ring Motorway.

In Turkey, 24 provinces 255 point with the most common electric vehicle charging station EXCHANGER coming into the network, in cooperation accordance conducted by ICE Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the first fast EXCHANGER stations for electric vehicles in the North Belt Highway route was launched.

The recreational facilities Bi Mola Isiklar and Bi Mola Fenertepe Fast Charging Stations located on the Northern Peripheral Motorway fill an electric vehicle with an average power supply of 15-km range within an 20-100 minute.

Electric vehicles are easy to charge both inside and outside the city

It launched in Turkey in EXCHANGER year 2008, charging stations charging station network operates sales and installation in the field and has customers in over 1.600 Turkey as of today. With its extensive network of stations, it makes it easier to travel with electric vehicles both on urban routes and on intercity roads.

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