Çorum Must Be A Demand For Local Cars


The enthusiasm of Volkswagen investment, which peaked in Çorum, was shaken by intense backstage news that the investment was shifting to Bulgaria.

The enthusiasm of Volkswagen investment, which peaked in Çorum, was shaken by intense backstage news that the investment was shifting to Bulgaria. According to information obtained from the Presidential backstage circles, it was learned that the privileges requested by Volkswagen officials evaluated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as "unacceptable compromises". If the Volkswagen investment goes to Bulgaria, thank our country and city. Without losing our excitement in Çorum, we should aspire to the domestic car with a special platform to be created.

Turkey Car Initiative Group (TOGG) continues to work uninterrupted. The investment is planned to start in a year. TOGG CEO GurcanTurkoglu work out during the captaincy Karakas, the world famous Turkish Engineers Aydemir Akin ends of a two-year contract to return to Turkey, excited about their environment. Turkey in the world, one of the few engineers representing Aydemir Akin in the automobile sector, is expected to helm the production.

Let's move from here to Çorum. Çorum is excited, Çorum is ingenious, Çorum is promising. All of these are very valuable trump card, very precious treasure, the capital of years, which is a valuable asset for Çorum. We must set out our road map by drawing our road map as if we are preparing an academic thesis, by making our preparations from today, by preparing a precious platform from people who pursue the dream that we pursue without dreaming, throwing the bullets, throwing the bullets that we put on the magazine, and consuming them.

Perhaps Volkswavgen's persuasion was difficult, but it is not impossible to persuade domestic auto officials. For this, all the dynamics of Çorum should act, and we should go on a campaign without saying you and me. The most important factor here will undoubtedly be the transfer of the issue to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. While doing all this, Why Çorum? The question should be answered very well, and for this, a very detailed report describing Çorum should be prepared rather than the usual classical expressions. This report should not have been prepared for the spelling outlining the population and geography of Çorum, overwhelmed by the statistics of our industry in Corum, especially OIZ. There should be a report in international format prepared by experts of the work and working for a long time.

The rulers and politicians of this city, especially all the people in the group that will follow this study, should make this issue more than just stepping up under their feet and making them taller, but to carry this issue on their head like a precious crown. We should concentrate on the issue, not on the names, without making unnecessary and unnecessary separation of those who want or do not want this investment. If there is, we should put aside the minor resentments between us and join hands together without saying the stalk of the pear or the garbage of the grape. I sincerely believe that Çorum has this spirit, this excitement and this determination. And on the day this dream is achieved, we will all have bright eyes. That's it zamAn enormous investment like a nur ball will bring Çorum to its destination. And that day, the names of those who shoulder, believe, contribute to this issue and pour water into this mill, not stone, will be in the hearts and in the golden pages of history.

Instead of trying to engrave the names on our hearts, our job will be to rely on the loyalty and cadence of Çorum residents who will wait patiently for the end and engrave their names on them.

Come on, if our hands are in vain regarding the investment of domestic cars, we will enjoy the happiness and honor of being one heart and rushing to Çorum's affairs in a brotherly manner, without making a lament. "Çorum made it befitting itself, united and protected its issue." saying, we feel the pride of this peace. (Çorum Hakimiyet Newspaper)

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