Remember The Possibility Of Auto Theft When Making Insurance

Car stealing
Car stealing

crime crime map of Turkey received the largest share of reminding my insurance price comparison website for the assets, it is one of the most common crime of auto theft who warned of taking Recalling car insurance. There is no auto theft within the scope of compulsory traffic insurance coverage. However, even in the narrowest range of motor vehicle theft is protected against theft. Automobile theft offenses must also be taken into account when making the insurance.

Referring to Turkey's crimes against property crime maps accounted for the largest share. In the Forensic Statistics Report issued by the Ministry of Justice for the year 2018, crimes against the property cover the highest rate among other crimes.

Auto theft is one of the most common crimes against goods. According to information provided by the Ministry of Interior in May of the year in Turkey, while there 2019 549 auto theft, auto theft cases were seen 2.618. 2019 auto theft in April 594, 3.031 car theft had occurred.

In case of theft from the car…

Vehicle insurance and insurance companies who want to make a contract with insurance companies that combine the price comparison site, vehicles to make insurance for users of auto theft and auto theft cases warned. Reminding that compulsory traffic insurance does not cover auto theft CEO of Elif Aksoy Yenidünya, said vehicle owners can secure themselves against auto theft by means of automobile insurance. Yenidünya, “In order to protect yourself against auto theft you need to have a motor insurance. Even in the narrowest range of automobiles, protection against theft is provided. However, auto theft cases are more common than auto theft. It will be appropriate for the vehicle owners to take the theft option from the car at a low price while they are making the automobile insurance. ”, an insurance comparison site within the Admiral Group, which has been the first in digitalization in 25 countries for 8 years and operates in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, USA, Canada, India and Mexico, with its more than 9.000 employees. was established to contribute. Those who want to have traffic insurance and car insurance with their strong technological infrastructure; directing it to easy, fast and personalized offers, Tamoniki provides insurance companies with whom it has contracts to meet the right customers faster. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the insurance industry with a new business model that only makes comparisons, Tamoniki continues its efforts to offer new digital solutions to its users.

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