15 Offroad For July Martyrs

15 july martyrs for offroad
15 july martyrs for offroad

Offroad for July 15 Martyrs; Organized within the scope of the 15 July Martyrs Remembrance Democracy and National Unity Day events, the Black Sea Offroad Cup 2nd leg race will be organized in Ardeşen district of Rize on Sunday, 14 July. The event, which will be held by Ardeşen Offroad Sports Club (ARDOFF) in Fırtına Valley in Ardeşen, will be organized with the contributions of Rize Governorate, Ardeşen District Governorate, Ardeşen Municipality, Rize Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate.

Apart from Turkish athletes, guest teams from Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia and Russia will participate in the race. 13 will start on July Saturday at 18: 00 with a start ceremony in Ardeşen district center. 14 On Sunday, July 11: 00 5,70: 3: 15: 00: XNUMX: XNUMX: The XNUMX kilometer stage, called Ömer Halisdemir, will end at XNUMX.

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