New Renault Clio Best Clio

clio featured
clio featured

New Renault Clio Best Clio. New Clio will be sold in Turkey in October 2019.

Renault Clio

The new Clio stands out as the best Clio ever, with dynamic driving ability, handling and quality from design to production. The new generation Clio, with its more modern and athletic look, 30 maintains its DNA, which has been the success of the model for years. New Clio will be sold in Turkey in October 2019.

More in the new Clio modern and dynamic exterior design stand out, top segment technologies in interior stand out. The key element of the Kabin Smart Cockpit “concept 9,3 inch multimedia displayIs the largest display Renault has to offer. The vertical tablet in the interior, using high-quality materials, enhances the modernity of the interior of the cabinet and facilitates screen readability.

Factories produced in Oyak Renault New Clio in Turkey, offering an excellent level of security with stars from the Euro NCAP test that 5 In its fifth generation, it continues the tradition of adapting to the age.

In the new Clio, the 360 ° camera includes an active emergency brake assist system with bicycles and pedestrian detection Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) for the first time in the Renault product range ranks. The most remarkable feature is the Traffic and Highway Support System, which stands out as a unique feature for city cars. This advanced driving support system, autonomous vehicles is the first step of the transition.

New Clio's engine options new 1.0 SCe, 1.0 TCe and 1.3 TCe gasoline engines is also added. Renovated Clio, five petrol and two diesel is offered to the customers with a rich engine option. (Gasoline manual 1.0 SCe 65bg and 75 hp, Turbo 1.0 TCe 100 hp / Gasoline automatic Turbo 1.0 TCe X-Tronic 100 hp and Turbo 1.3 TCe EDC 130 hp / Diesel manual: 1.5 dCi 85 hp and 1.5 dCi.

Renault Group, same zamhas been named E-TECH for the first time since 2020. hybrid engine will offer to market

Valencia Orange and Celadon BlueIs among the launch colors of the New Clio.

Renault MAIS General Manager Berk Çağdaş"The new Clio carries the DNA of the previous generation of the Renault brand, the milestone of the new design language reflected in the entire product range, and stands out from its competitors with the technological revolution in its quality interior. safe driving characteristics on the upper segment and also with innovative equipment in the first segments of New Clio in Turkey in October, we presented to the otomobilseverlerin. Renault, the brand of firsts, is breaking new ground in the B segment with the New Clio and taking the competition to the next level. Factories produced in Oyak Renault in Turkey and exported to the world our pride that New Clio, the quality it offers, is set to become the icon of the new generation with comfort and confidence. "The best of the Clio" The new Clio will continue its successful performance in the B segment in Europe and Turkey and will consolidate its leadership position. " said.

Quality interior and technological revolution

The interior design teams of the new Clio paid particular attention to quality perception and ergonomics of the driver's compartment. With high-quality materials, soft covering of the instrument panel, door panels and center console frame and carefully selected materials, the interior changes size in terms of quality perception. The all-new Kabin Smart Cockpit Smart, which has been made more compact to create ample space, is driver-oriented and incorporates more technology.

renault clio interior

Multimedia display and digital instrument panel

The new Clio comes with a digital display for the first time, replacing traditional analog dials. 7 to 10 inch with technology from top models (will be offered shortly after launch)The TFT display offers the possibility to personalize the driving experience. In the 10 inch version, there is also GPS navigation on the screen. With two 9,3 and 10 inch displays, the New Clio offers the largest screens in its class. Inspired by the Espace design, the lightly tilted vertical tablet gives the instrument panel a sense of breadth, enhances the modernity of the interior and facilitates screen readability. with user-friendly content.

The completely redesigned instrument panel of the new Clio is eye-catching in terms of quality. The horizontal design of the wave-shaped form, the center and side vents increases the perception of interior width. At the bottom of the screen, features such as “piano” buttons and direct-access air conditioning controls for the driver's ease of use increase ergonomics.

Steering wheel

Using a more compact airbag than the previous model, the steering wheel has been given a more elegant and refined style. The narrower steering makes it easier for the driver to see the instrument panel.

At the wheel of the new Clio, all the details have been considered to improve driving pleasure. Reducing the gear ratio from 15,2 to 14,4 makes steering more precise and easier to improve steering. Road stability is improved with the use of a harder front tool, while the turning diameter from 10,8 m to 10,5 m increases urban maneuverability.


The seats of the new Clio feature top segment features. The wider and grasping seats support the seating position of travelers. The semi-soft upholstery of the seats significantly improves the knee distance for the rear passengers, while thinner headrests in the form of commas make it easier for the driver to see the rear. The seats also contribute to the high quality perception of the interior.


With customization packages for details such as the center console, door panels, steering and armrests, everyone can create their new Clio. Thanks to the innovative color of the ventilation line on the instrument panel, the 8 ambience option offered with a personalization preference, the interior can be tailored to your personal preference. For ambient lighting, the 8 color option is offered.


The luggage design was designed to have the most cubic form possible. With the perfect integration of the BOSE premium audio system, the luggage volume reaches 391 liters, while the internal storage volume is increased to 26 liters, reaching the highest level in the segment.

clio back

Renault EASY DRIVE: Driving support systems for the upper segment

The new Clio offers the most complete driving assistance systems in its segment to make driving easier, increase safety and make journeys more comfortable. These systems are grouped under three headings: Driving, Parking and Safety. The new Clio features new features in the Renault range, including the 360 ° camera, active emergency brake assist system with bicycle and pedestrian detection.

The most remarkable feature is the Traffic and Highway Support System, A unique feature in the versatile city cars segment. This advanced driving assistance system is the first step towards the transition to autonomous vehicles. Cruise and Limiter Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Tracking System are the driving features.

The blind spot warning system, which is available on many vehicles in the Renault range, has an even higher performance with the new Clio. By using radars instead of simple sensors, the system can better interpret the distance and speed of vehicles outside the driver's field of vision.

Active Emergency Brake Support System, Blind Spot Warning System, Speed ​​Warning and Traffic Sign Recognition also used in the upper segments of the Lane Departure Warning and Lane Tracking System features such as the New Clio rivals among the stands out.

Renault EASY CONNECT: An improved and new multimedia system with internet connection

The Renault Group continues to take steps in line with its strategy of using Internet connectivity and related services on all models. In this context, the new Clio offers an improved version of the Renault EASY CONNECT system. The system has a new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system that works with My Renault.

In-cab: A new in-cab experience with the MULTI-SENSE and premium BOSE music system

A complete revolution is taking place with the new Clio: the 12 is a millimeter shorter than the previous generation model, but offers passengers a wider interior space. With the 391 liters of luggage volume and the total 26 liters' internal stacking volume, it overturns the segment records.

For the best in-cab experience, the New Clio stands out with its Cock Smart Cockpit an, which gives drivers greater driving pleasure and comfort. MULTI-SENSE, which is available in the upper segments (Megane, Talisman, Espace, etc.), is presented for the first time at Clio. MULTISENSE has 3 mode: Eco, Sport, Mysense. In addition, for the first time in the previous generation, the premium BOSE music system brings a completely revised version and a richer sound experience to the users.

New Renault Clio RS Line

A new signature inspired by Renault Sport

Renault Sport brings the RS Line signature to the new Clio RS Line, which will replace the current GT-Line version. As a pioneer among the sporty looking special series, the GT-Line has successfully supported the strategy of the Renault Sport product line in all markets since 2010. With its more advanced and rich content, RS Line goes beyond a simple name change.

RS Line, with a more sporty interior and exterior design, is designed to meet the needs of customers who want to differentiate with a dynamic design.


Valencia Orange and Celadon Blue Launch colors of the new Clio. SHE ISFor the first time in the automobile industry, the orange orange lacquer-based special process, used in Valencia orange, reveals the dynamism of the New Clio and gives the model a unique shine with depth. The new Clio comes with a choice of 11 colors and an 3 exterior personalization package (red, orange and black).

New range of engines including Renault's first hybrid E-TECH engine

The new Clio has a full range of petrol and diesel engines in its class, with engine power ranging from 65 to 130 hp. Available in the latest technology, these engines meet the most current standards in force and have the best consumption and emission levels on the market.

Renault Group, same zamIt will launch its hybrid engine called E-TECH to the market for the first time in 2020. There will be a total of 9 engine / gearbox options so that everyone can choose the configuration that best suits their use.


1.0 SCe 65 and 75: Economical in purchase and use

For customers looking for an economical city car, 1.0 SCe (3 cylinder atmospheric) stands out as the ideal choice. With a 5-speed manual gearbox and 65 - 75 hp (95 Nm of torque), it offers extremely smooth urban driving comfort.

1.0 TCe 100: Unique versatility

The new 1.0 TCe (3 cylinder turbocharger) is the latest engine of Alliance synergy. A turbocompressor with an electrically controlled blow off valve (blow off), an exhaust manifold integrated in the cylinder head, a double hydraulic variable in the distribution system and a special steel cylinder coating (Bore Spray Coating). With 100 bg and 160 NM, this new generation engine is more powerful than 90 bg and 10 Nm compared to its predecessor TCe 20 version.2 The emission level is also lower. With emission levels starting from 100 g / km *, the new Clio is the best in the TCe 100 petrol engine category. In addition, it offers the highest level of driving pleasure with a torque increase that supports more vibrant starting from low speeds.

* Associated with the NEDC value from the WLTP protocol. WLTP values ​​are sometimes higher than NEDC values ​​for the same vehicle.

The TCe 100 is first introduced in the new Clio with an 5 manual gearbox. In addition, the latest generation of the X-TRONIC automatic gearbox will be available.

TCe engine same zamIt will also be available in LPG version for maximum usage savings and limited toxic gas emissions.

1.3 TCe 130 bg FAP: Maximum driving pleasure

1.3 TCe FAP engine, Captur, Megane, Scenic and Kadjar models, this time after proving itself with the new Clio is offered. With 130 hp and 240 Nm torque and an EDC automatic gearbox with 7 gearbox, this engine will replace the 1.2 gasoline in the new Clio engine range. Featuring all the dynamic features of the new Clio, this latest generation engine provides an exciting driving experience in all conditions. The dual-clutch EDC gearbox makes driving more flexible and enjoyable, while CO2 reduces the amount of emissions.

All petrol engines are used for the first time in the new Clio.


New generation diesel engines 1.5 Blue dCi 85 and 115 for higher efficiency

Same as the new Clio zamcurrently offers 1.5 Blue dCi diesel engine system adapted for long-distance use and fleet companies. This engine has been adapted and developed to new emission standards thanks to the integration of the catalytic reduction system (SCR), which is designed to be the most efficient for nitrogen oxides (NOx). The engine is available in two versions: 85 hp / 220 Nm for a lean ride and 115 hp / 260 Nm for a more dynamic ride. Thanks to the six-speed manual gearbox that reduces the engine speed when the speed of 110 km / h is exceeded, and the aerodynamics that is the best in its segment, the New Clio Blue dCi is particularly efficient on long-distance driving.

Quality is at the heart of the new Clio!

The new Clio stands out as the product of renewed quality processes for optimal design within the Renault Group.

New technologies were used to improve the overall quality of the vehicle and the quality assurance process was developed. With regard to driving safety, approximately 1,5 million kilometers of test drives were carried out.

New Clio specifications:

Gasoline / Diesel Zones
Maximum luggage space (rear seats folded) 1069
Overall length 4050
Wheelbase 2583
Front axle projection 830
Rear axle ledge 637
Overall width (mirrors folded / unfolded) Zones
Front wheel track 1509
Rear wheel track 1494
Overall height 1440
Tailgate open height 1979
Luggage sill height 770
Floor height 135
Rear row knee distance 165
Front bracket width 1372
Rear bracket width 1370
Front shoulder width 1360
Rear shoulder width 1294
Front row roof height 991
Rear row roof height 942
Maximum luggage width 1037
Internal width between fenders 1021
Maximum loading length (rear seats folded) 1464


Version Sce 65 Sce 75 TCe 100 TCe 130 Blue dCi 85 Blue dCi 115
Engine type 3 cylinder head, 12 valve 4 cylinder head, 16 valve 4 cylinder head, 8 valve
Emission norm Euro6 D Temp Euro6 D Temp
Approval protocol WLTP WLTP
Diameter x stroke (mm) 71 x 84,1 72,2 x 81,3 72,2 x 81,2 76 x 80,5
Cylinder volume (cm)3) 999 1333 1461
Maximum power kW (hp) @ rpm 48 (65) @ 6250 53 (72) @ 6250 74 (100) @ 5000 96 (130) @ 5000 63 (85) @ 3750 85 (115) @ 3750
Maximum torque Nm @ rpm 95 3600 @ 95 3600 @ 160 2750 @ 240 1600 @ 220 1750 @ 260 2000 @
Stop & Start Yes Yes
Tip: BVM - 5 forward EDC - 7 forward BVM - 6 forward
Reference Tires 185/65 R15 - 195/55 R16 - 205/45 R17 (17 '')
Maximum speed (km / h) Data approval process 187

18,2 s

33,7 s

11,8 s

200 178 197
0 - 100 km / h (s) Data approval process 11,8 9,0 14,7 9,9
CO2(G / km) Data approval process 100 119 95 95
Urban fuel consumption (I / 100km) Data approval process 5,6 6,7 4,3 4,3
Out-of-town fuel consumption (I / 100km) Data approval process 3,7 4,3 3,2 3,2
Average fuel consumption (I / 100km) Data approval process 4,4 5,2 3,6 3,6
Fuel tank (L) 42 Zones
Vehicle mass (kg) 1137 1148 1178 1248 1277

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