What is the Timing Belt


Timing belt or Vee belt A part known as a part of the crankshaft by moving the energy of the camshaft by transmitting the valve to open and close the coolant in most engines is called the part that circulates. It is used as a chain in some engine types. That is, it transmits both the camshaft and the circulation pump the movement energy they need to rotate.

Timing beltThese are belts that work between the camshafts in the cylinder head of the engines and the crankshaft protrusion located at the bottom of the engine block and placed longitudinally with the help of pulleys and bearings. They can also be placed transversely according to engine types (Boxer engine types). They move the exhaust and intake valves. The crankshaft, which takes the first drive from the starter motor (assuming a healthy ignition), will want to rotate the camshafts via the timing belt to start the engine, thus enabling the engine to run.

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Since the timing belt cannot continue the motion of the engines on the crankshafts unless the timing belt is active, the timing belt is one of the main parts that connect from the engine valves to the flywheel gear. The strength of the timing belt is increased by using glass fiber material. It has a load carrying capacity of approximately 1.5 tons. However, in spite of this, it can wear out and break due to constantly rubbing against metal gears. So it needs to be changed every 5 years or an average of 40.000 to 60.000 km, but in the new generation engines, the replacement period has been increased to 120.000 kilometers.

What should i do if the timing belt breaks?

The timing belt is made of rubber that eventually breaks or breaks. When this happens, your vehicle stops. The vehicle must be towed because the engine zamIt will not start until it is understood and the belt has been replaced. You need to have your vehicle towed to the master by calling a tow truck and repaired. A broken timing belt can put you in a difficult situation. Depending on the configuration of your vehicle, if a timing belt breaks, the following could happen: Valves and pistons collide.

Correct without the strap zamMoving parts of the engine may try to enter the same space at the same time, as understanding cannot be achieved. Since two moving parts cannot take the same area at the same time, they collide and damage each other. Cracks and pits form, resulting in serious and costly engine damage. Some vehicles are designed so that moving parts do not try to use the same area if the belt is broken. This is called a noise free motor. A broken belt is an issue that needs to be resolved immediately.

In case of belt breakage, you should stop your engine immediately. 

What Are Timing Belt Replacement Prices?

It is not an overly expensive replacement part if you buy the timing belt itself. However, the reason that timing belt replacement is often costly is because of the location of the timing belt in your engine.

In order to get to the timing belt, your dealer must disassemble the engine compartment of your vehicle, install the timing belt and then reinstall the engine compartment, etc. It is costly to replace the timing belt as it requires long processes. Although there are hundreds of documents and videos about timing belt replacement on the internet, this is definitely a process that should be left to the professionals.

A wrong move during lost shafts or improper engine adjustment will cause the timing belt to fail and create a large bill for purchasing a new timing belt and repairing the damage done. Since timing belt replacement is a professional process, the price of a timing belt replacement can also be high.

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