Tesla Electrified Truck Semi Viewed for the First Time

Tesla Semi 1
Tesla Semi 1

Tesla's Electric Truck Semi It was first displayed in front of Tesla's Rocklin store.

Tesla Semi
Tesla Semi

It seems that many automobile manufacturers are working intensively on electric vehicles, which will change radically with electric trucks like Tesla Semi and Volvo Vera and heavy trucks that are the backbone of the automotive industry.

In the first incoming images Tesla's Electric Truck SemiThe size of the trunk in the front of the drew attention. It seems that Semi users will have more space with large volumes of luggage.


In addition, it was not overlooked that Semi's trailer connection point is not different from the internal combustion engine trucks used today. This is an indication that Semi can carry heavy loads like internal combustion engine trucks.


Tesla introduced the Electric Truck Semi in October 2017 and aims to start mass production in 2020. There is no information yet about the price and details of the features.

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