Ferrari Became The Best Of The Best

ferrari monza sp1 1
ferrari monza sp1 1

Ferrari Became The Best Of The Best; Ferrari received the "The Best of the Best" award for the fifth time. This year, the Ferrari Monza SP1 model was awarded for its innovative and aesthetic design.

ferrari monza sp

For the first time, Ferrari won the Red Dot isi The Best of the Best ”award for the fifth time. This year, Monza was awarded with SP1, which attracts attention with its innovative and aesthetically superior design.

The 2019 results of the “Red Dot Design Awards”, which is among the most important and prestigious organizations of the automotive industry, were announced. Ferrari known worldwide; FXX-K was awarded the “Best of the Best” award for the fifth time this year with the Monza SP488 concept, following the 50 GTB, J1 and Portofino models. Ferrari will receive its awards on July 8 at a ceremony in Essen, Germany.

Professor Dr. Red Dot Award Founder and CEO. Peter Zec; He pointed out that Ferrari has achieved success that no car has achieved in the history of its design awards. Emphasizing that the brand received a total of 2015 awards with the designs of Flavio Monzoni and Ferrari design team between 2019 and 14, Zec said, “Ferrari is more successful than other car companies in making luxury sports cars an object of passion. The designers use the most advanced technology and attractive design language to create a unique driving and brand experience, ”commented Ferrari's success.

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