Department of Artificial Intelligence Engineering Opened at Hacettepe University

hacettepe artificial intelligence
hacettepe artificial intelligence

Turkey's first Artificial Intelligence Engineering Department was opened by Hacettepe University. The quota of the department will be 30 students.

hacettepe artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence; thinking, interpretation and inferences
It is the common name given to targeted studies.

Hacettepe University took the first step for artificial intelligence. In the announcement made on the university's website, it was announced that the Artificial Intelligence Engineering undergraduate program was opened. The curriculum of the 4 annual undergraduate program has also been announced.

Hacettepe University announced the reasons and objectives of the Artificial Intelligence Engineering undergraduate program as follows;
"Hacettepe University Computer Engineering Department in the IT field and has played a leading role in Turkey
The pride of being the first university to open a Computer Engineering undergraduate program in our country together with METU
lived in history. This year the establishment of 42. Department of Artificial Intelligence Engineering
and continues this leading role.
Today, artificial intelligence plays a role in a significant part of the developments in science and technology and it is foreseen that this approach will continue to expand in the coming years. digital data
The increase in the amount, the processing of such given and the necessity of automatically extracting meanings from them is a necessity.
made. In terms of economic data, the most successful software companies today (Google,
Facebook, Microsoft, etc.).
2019-2020 is the first undergraduate program in the academic year.
to give talented students a good education on artificial intelligence in line with the developments and
It is designed to train the expert engineers needed in the field. Computer engineering
Our department has a large staff that researches artificial intelligence. International rankings
When we look at in this area it seems to be the most successful chapter in Turkey. Computer Engineering
The program includes technical elective courses that can be included in the field of artificial intelligence and
graduates can be informed by taking undergraduate courses. Our aim with Artificial Intelligence program, this
to name our work in this framework, to move this area of ​​our strength further and
The program follows a computer engineering curriculum focused on students' artificial intelligence issues.
to enable them to specialize at the undergraduate level. ”

What opportunities will the students graduate from the Artificial Intelligence Engineering undergraduate program at Hacettepe University;

“The number of researches in the field of artificial intelligence is increasing at a dizzying speed. Therefore both
academia and research laboratories as well as the sector in this field is a need for trained labor force.
Considering this interest; Along with the good education of our graduates
We expect to be met with great interest both in academia and in the sector. Completed by Academy
the possibility of continuing their undergraduate studies with good graduate programs both in our country and abroad
will be quite high. In addition, the knowledge gained in the field of artificial intelligence in the sector for our graduates
will be a reason for choice. After graduation, students are very disciplined.
there will be opportunities for finding and directing them.
According to a report by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on 2019, 2013
has been patented since 340,000 on artificial intelligence. Again, global research and
According to consulting firm Gartner, the value of artificial intelligence-oriented commercial companies is 2022 trillion US in 3,9.
is estimated to reach $.
According to the AI ​​index report published by Stanford University on 2018, all of 2015-2018
While the number of startup companies increased by 28%, the number of startup companies focused on artificial intelligence increased by 113%. Same
The report states that job postings requiring deep learning knowledge increased 2017-fold in 2015 compared to 34. ”

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