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What is the Timing Belt

The part known as the timing belt or V-belt is the part that transmits the movement energy it receives from the crankshaft to the camshaft, allowing the valves to open and close and the cooling fluid to circulate in most engines. some engine [...]

Spark plug
Auto parts

What is the Spark Plug

The spark plug provides ignition in internal combustion engines. The fuel and air mixture trapped in the combustion chamber converts the electricity it receives from the battery into a spark, allowing the mixture to burn. As a result of this combustion process, the mixture of air and fuel [...]


SCT Support Although Motor Sales

Inflation, rising and uncertain exchange rates negatively affected motorcycle sales as well as automotive sales. Turkey in general experienced a decrease of 29 percent in motorcycle sales.According to TUIK data, in April this year, there were 13 sales in Turkey. [...]