Eviation Aircraft

Electric Aircraft Alice Introduced

Electric Airplane Alice Introduced ; The nine-passenger electric airplane Alice is introduced. With a fully charged lithium-ion battery, Alice can reach altitudes of 10.000 ft and fly 450 miles at approximately 650 kilometers per hour. [...]

Tesla Game

Tesla Charging Game

Elon Musk added a fun game to the multimedia system of the vehicles, as people are tired of waiting while Tesla's electric vehicles are charging. A Tesla owner spends an average of 2 -12 hours at the charging station to fill his vehicle's battery. [...]

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Cars in James Bond Movie Unveiled

In the new movie of the James Bond series, which is expected to be released in 2020, 3 different Aston Martin models have been announced that will excite the James Bond audience. Prince Charles visited the set of Film and lead actor Daniel [...]