Kardemir Gives Speed ​​to Supply Steel to Defense Industry

Kardemir gives speed to the defense industry
Kardemir gives speed to the defense industry

Karabuk Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMIR) Inc., accelerated its efforts to supply steel to the defense industry

The company, which started to supply steel to many different sectors, especially with machinery manufacturing, with the value-added steel products produced in the Rod and Coil Rolling Mill commissioned in 2016, accelerated its steel development activities for the defense industry after the steel development activities for the automotive industry.

Making statements on the subject, our company Kardemir Manager Dr. Huseyin Soykan; “As part of our efforts to increase our value-added product range, we are now starting to add steel grades used in the defense industry to our product portfolio, which we are expanding day by day. With the support of our Board of Directors, our commission, which was established within Kardemir for the supply of steel to our defense industry, started the necessary product development studies to increase the share of locality in our defense industry and to produce the steel needed in the sector, by meeting with many public institutions and private sector companies in the sector. a very close zamIt will be one of our top priorities to ensure the sustainable production of steels needed by our defense industry at Kardemir and to contribute to the localization efforts in the sector.”

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