Strategic Cooperation for Defense Industry from BMC

bmcden strategic cooperation for defense industry
bmcden strategic cooperation for defense industry

BMC 2019 Fair IDEF, Turkey's first tank Altay subcontractors for mass production of Aselsan, Roketsan, Defense Industry President Prof. MKEK and Havelser Dr. He signed a contract with İsmail Demir.

BMC 2019 Fair IDEF, Turkey's first tank Altay series subcontractors for the production of Aselsan, Roketsan, MKEK and Chairman of the Defense Industry signed a contract with HAVELSAN with the participation Ismail Demir. Thus, Turkey's new generation main battle tank Altay was completed in preparation for series production is an important milestone.

Among the most important steps taken in the defense industry for domestic and national production were the signing ceremony of the cooperation, Ethem Sancak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMC; Dr. İsmail Demir, Vice President of Defense Industry Mustafa Şeker, Head of Land Vehicles Department Ahmet Raci Yalçın, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of ASELSAN. Dr. Haluk Görgün, ASELSAN Deputy General Manager Mustafa Kaval, Roketsan Vice Chairman Mustafa Aysan, ROKETSAN General Manager Selçuk Yaşar, MKE Vice Chairman and Deputy General Manager Mehmet Ünal; Dr. Haci Ali Mantar, HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay took part.

Defense Industry President Dr. In his opening speech, Mr. İsmail Demir stated that the mass production process consisted of a team in which the best of the fields took place and that the team would be successful. In his speech, BMC's Chairman Ethem Sancak said:'n In the production of the Altay Tank, our state has put the responsibility on BMC and the mass production will be carried out under the leadership of BMC. Of course, we will do this together with our strategic partners under the leadership of the Defense Industry Presidency. In this process, our national company will be close to 200, as their subcontractor will be close to the 1.000 SME will be employed and people close to 100.000 will be employed. We will surpass a threshold in the strategy of nationalization and localization of the Turkish Defense Industry with the transition of the Altay Tank to mass production. Alt


The main contract that started the serial production process of the ALTAY tank was signed between the Defense Industry Presidency and the BMC, 9 in November in Ankara. Subsequently, with the intense efforts of all parties, contract negotiations for the main subcontractors were completed and the signatures were signed at 1 May 2019:

ASELSAN: Fire control system and active electronic protection systems
ROKETSAN: Armor system
MKEK: Main weapon system
HAVELSAN: Tank training simulators

These contracts constitute approximately% 40 of total project size.

Turkey's New Generation scope of the project Main Battle Tank Altay, the combat experience in the near geography in our last period and the Turkish Armed highest level of maneuverability According to the new protection concept developed starting from the needs for the future of the force, so as to have the tank protection and firepower T1 and T2 to be produced in two configurations.

ALTAY T40, which will be produced in 1 units, has been developed considering all the threats that may be encountered in the battlefield; The main battle tank, consisting of passive, reactive and active protection components, has the most advanced protection in all-round armor protection and combat areas.

ALTAY T210, which will be produced in 2 units, will have improved armor system, isolated body-ammunition configuration, laser guided tank cannon shot, crew training mode and mobile hiding network-track management capabilities on ALTAY T1.

Within the scope of the project, it will also be developed at ALTAY T3 with Unmanned Tower.


BMC also exhibited the ALTAY T2019 demonstrator at IDEF 1. Turkey's New Generation Main Battle Tank Altay, the combat experience in the near geography in our last period and the Turkish Armed their developed starting from the needs for the future force has been redesigned according to the new protection concept and was upgraded to Altay T1 configuration.

Active passive armor protection against the most powerful tank threats and the most advanced guided anti-tank missiles in the battlefield, as well as providing 360 protection against all anti-tank rocket and guided missiles with new generation reactive armor (ERA) and kefes armor against RPG threats. The protection system was also integrated into the ALTAY T1 Main Battle Tank and the entire protection system was updated.


Improved Reactive Armor (ERA) packages added to body side guards
Guarded Tower Upper Armor
Active Protection System Radars added to the four corners of the tower
Active Protection System Markers placed on the roof of the tower
Extended tower rear compartment
Cage armors for protection against anti-tank rockets in the body and tower back regions
Explosion retardant measures in hull ammunition compartments
1500 HP power and + 55 / -32 ° C operating temperature
Hydropneumatic suspension
65 km / h speed
% 60 upright slope climbing
3m trench and 1 meter upright obstacle
4 m underwater transition
450 km range
120 mm, L55 main weapon
7.62 mm coaxial machine gun
Remote Control Weapon System (7.62 mm, 12.7 mm machine gun and 40 mm grenade launcher)
New Generation Fire Control System
Sniper and commander vision units with stabilized, day / night vision capability
Hunter-Strike feature that allows you to track and fire multiple targets
Passive Armor
Reactive Armor
Active Protection System
Cage Armor
Command Control System
Battlefield Recognition Identification System
Vehicle Electronic Control System
360 ° day / night Close Distance Surveillance System
Driver day / night Forward and Backward Vision System
17 kW capacity dual power Auxiliary Power Group
Fire Suppression and Explosion Suppression System
Life Support System (KBRN Filtration and Air Conditioning)


ALTAY T1 is a Main Battle Tank with 4 crew. It has the highest levels of mobility characteristics, superior and lethal firepower, armor protection with all-round and various elements and electronic warfare systems with the latest technologies.

Best in Class Mobility

Deterrent Firepower

Hybrid Protection System

Advanced C4I systems

Complementary Auxiliary Systems

ALTAY tank
ALTAY tank

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