The End Of The Design Of The Domestic Car

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) CEO GurcanTurkoglu King, the second day of Uludag Economic Summit shared information about domestic automobile project this point.

Speaking at the session of "The Future of Mobility Ecosystem", Karakaş noted that there is a mega trend that is effective in 3 major areas regarding mobility.

Karakaş said, “Technology-sized vehicles will be transformed into electrical, autonomous, networked connections. Social life will transform, smart home, smart building, smart cities and living spaces will change, and the sharing economy will be more prominent. Apart from that, laws will change, protectionism and environmental emission standards will be redefined. ”

Karakaş emphasized that with the developments in battery technologies, electric vehicles have become affordable, “Cars with internal combustion engines will turn into fully electric vehicles in a shorter time than we think. While the electric vehicle trend accelerates the transformation in the car, the autonomous vehicle, 'connected', other mega trends such as connectivity and sharing, accelerate the transformation in mobility. The technology that cuts all of them is to be able to connect to the internet through digitalization. ”

Gürcan Karakaş stated that all the technological changes affecting the car transformed the car into the third living area (after our 1. Our home and 2). also noted that the area in question.


Stating that the world automotive market continues to grow, TOGG CEO said, “While turnover was 2017 trillion dollars in 3.7, turnover of 2035 trillion dollars is expected in 5.7. Turnover will grow, but by 2035, the share of classic car manufacturers in total profits will decline to 60 percent. For automakers, 2035 is the model year after the next, meaning "after tomorrow."

The share of new mobility, which receives only 1 percent of the profit today, is expected to increase to 40 percent. This will result from 40 percent of products or business models that have not yet emerged, namely the ecosystem. Only expected profitability is $ 2035 billion in 155. We can assume its turnover 10 times. ”

Karakaş, who is aware of this transformation is also aware of the classic producers, so the next 10 29 in the year of the classical manufacturer's investment in new areas will be 300 billion euros, he said.

Karakaş said, “There are serious changes in urban planning legislation along with smart cities. In my old company, we have done our strategic projects with London, Monaco or Madrid. Even in the world's largest automotive supply companies, the customer is no longer just traditional car manufacturers. For this reason, we say that the Automotive Sector is “changing hands” with the mobility ecosystem transformation.

'Sales potential in Turkey, there'

Turkey's aforementioned mega Gürcan underlines the trend could get a share of the King, "the car density in Turkey, we compared with comparable per capita income in the country zamWe now see that we have to sell 12 million additional vehicles over the current 750-800 thousand vehicles sold every year for 1 years. Turkey will also be a place of income will probably rise counting. As long as income continues to increase, people, the goods we produce, services will go from A to B. Therefore, the penetration of mobility needs to increase. Because there is a serious sales potential in Turkey. This also means the following. If we do not do this, we will import these vehicles ”.

Turkey is reminiscent of last year's $ 11 billion procurement carried out a total of 32 billion dollars in exports from industrial Karakas, "But as seen with snow mobility ecosystem is changing hands pools. By the 2030s, automobiles may not be largely in demand with the parts requested today. Hence the need to have started the transformation in Turkey. The TOGG project is also a core in this sense. That's why our first meeting of the Association of Automotive Supply Industry in Turkey (TAYSAD) with've done. Because we wanted to explain that the technology will be formed around this core and that we are working for a connectable ecosystem at the design stage.

Karakaş said, “We have been involved in this mega train from the last wagon. We have to work hard to succeed, it is not easy, but in the words of engineers, it is not 'rocket science'. Let's not forget that over 2022 fully electric models will be launched in the world in 60. Therefore, the goal we set for ourselves is that our vehicle entered the market in 2022.

Because from this date, the market will gradually start to be filled with electric vehicles. ”


Turkey's car project, intelligent vehicles and associated systems, which is located in developed countries with ratings between us openness about the King, "I can not say that there is a deficit between us and the West of our country. When our car was launched in 2022, it will be the first electric SUV produced by an unconventional manufacturer on the European continent. The race in this area is just starting. The companies that come to the starting line are almost in line. Our competitors are not 100 years of automobile brands. But in China, there are 3 startups like us who are currently working to get a share of the ecosystem that 4/500 will create more than the car itself. "Our competitors are fast, lean and agile companies like those in China that understand electricity-electronics, connected devices and smart applications."


TOGG CEO Karakaş also shared information about the point reached in the domestic car project. Noting that the vehicle was last approached during the design phase, Gürcan Karakaş said, “The design will be finished in the coming days. We determine the technical characteristics of the vehicle. We have reviewed and identified over 900 features whether or not used in the car. We are already designing the electrical and electronic architecture to be used in our other models that will follow this vehicle. In 2022 we set out on this product in the legal sense of the work or other intellectual and industrial property rights will belong to so completely tOGGer Turkey, "he said.

2021 end, the first quarter of the 2022 homologation work will be completed transferring Karakaş, 2022 underlined the beginning of the sale of the vehicle in the middle of the year.


The domestic automobile project, Turkey's intelligent vehicles and associated ecosystems producing few developed countries to lead the join between a strategic importance to be noted that Karakas, "This project not only looked as a car project. From the beginning, we always said, "We set out to do more than just cars." Because the ecosystem that our project will activate will contribute 15 billion euro to GNP in 50 years, positive contribution to the current account deficit 7 billion euro, and its contribution to employment will be directly and indirectly about 20 thousand people. ”

With the project, which was established years dream has been realized in Turkey's automobile and informing the global environment also will gain a brand that will compete King, "In our country the university to the development of technology, new ideas to emerge in the industry, we will be the front foot to find the area of ​​application. Same zamWe believe that we will trigger the technology transformation that our country needs right now. We are very excited for these reasons, I and my colleagues do not sleep in their eyes, ”he said.


Anadolu Group spoke of the names in the session Chairman of the Automotive Group Bora Kocak, talking about the lessons drawn from last year's surge in Turkey, has been considered for investment, sales quantities of the dealers, on issues such as liquidity problems in the leasing industry told us they were more careful.

Increasing the range of charge in the electric vehicle industry in recent years, increasing the range of opportunities in the Koçak said that the range of products in this area is expected to increase rapidly.


Uniti CEO Lewis Horne stated that all the works will be built on the subscription model soon, and that it will become meaningless to buy cars soon. Stating that revenues will increase thanks to this less costly and environmentally friendly business model, Horne stated that they do not need to have hundreds of features in the vehicles to be used in this field, and that they turn to plain and simple designs.

Wavyn CEO Rafael Maranon also said that they produce technology for autonomous vehicles. Based on his experience at Amazon and Cisco, Maranon said he thinks technology can be used to prevent accidents on the roads. "23 percent of accidents can only be prevented with a warning," Maranon said, focusing on avoiding accidents.

eKar Founder Vilhelm Hedberg explained that they established the first car sharing company in the Middle East, and today they have 500 vehicles in the UAE and stated that they opened a branch in Saudi Arabia last month. Short zamStating that instant car sharing is a field of his own, Hedberg said that in the future, car ownership will turn into a kind of hobby.


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