Gaziantep Will Reach Fast and Cheap Transportation with Gaziray Metro Investments

Gaziray Metro Investments Gaziantep Fast and Cheap Transportation Will Reach: Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin, AK Party Gaziantep deputies, AK Party Şahinbey district organization told the mega-projects carried out during the year 4, gave a message of unity and solidarity. President Sahin, Gaziantep Gaziray Metro investment will reach faster and cheaper reported.

Speaking at a meeting held at the Culinary Arts Center President Sahin, Gaziantep in the service they have done with great service in the way they have done, stating that they are carrying out very serious projects that are closely related to the future of Gaziantep, he said.

Turkey, one of the drinking water is the second largest investment in the field "Düzbağ Drinking Water Project" Sahin that all information, Kahramanmaras Çağlayancerit township Düzbağ resort from which an arm of nature and the Euphrates River Goksu project to drain the water of the creek to Gaziantep He noted that 80 percent of the work carried out was completed.

Şahin said, “With the giant project with a budget of 2050 billion lira, which will meet Gaziantep's drinking water needs by 1, we opened a tunnel to be opened with a length of 3 meters and a diameter of 600 meters. 5,6 percent of the project has been completed. This project is one of the city's life projects. In Gaziantep, a drop of water; a gram of gold is as important as a drop of oil. One could not even imagine the old Turkey In this study, we opened tunnel of 80 kilometers. If you have a love, with Ferhat's love for Sirin, you pierce the mountains. We will flow the water of Fırat to Gaziantep on December 5, 25. ”

Northern City Project

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TOKI cooperation with the execution of 50 thousand houses "North City" project, Sehitkamil district will be established in the 8,5 million square meters of land transferred to the President Sahin said that the project is one of Turkey's largest public housing project.

Şahin reminded that when he set out on the road 4 years ago, Gaziantep said that there was a huge housing gap and that a city that combines the past and the future should be established.

Explaining that the plans were made about what kind of a city should be established first, Fatma Şahin said, “A beautiful design was made by TOKİ, which includes 5-storey, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 houses, North Antep is very important in terms of urbanism. As Metropolitan Municipality, we provide road and infrastructure services. 3 times demand came for 30 thousand houses. Think about what kind of housing you need. The city is growing fast, so we have to constantly build housing, we have to meet the needs. ”

Traf The city traffic was relieved by the 12 bridge interchanged by the Metropolitan. Ü There is no other municipality that has completed so many intersections at a time, ”said Şahin, who brought the word to the Gaziray-Metro project.

Fatma Şahin, said:) With the Gaziray-Metro project with a huge investment of 1,5 billion TL, the fast and cheap transportation to the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) will be provided and the transportation density in the city center will be reduced. We take the Gaziray-Metro Project in cooperation between TCDD and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in order to move to Gaziantep. Within the scope of the project aiming to create sufficient traffic capacity for high-speed train, conventional train and suburban operation, signaled and electric new railway will be constructed between Başpınar-GATEM-Oduncular Site. In the project, the 2 high-speed train line, including the 2 suburban line and the 25 high-speed line, will be the total new 112 mileage rail. Gaziantep station will be transformed into a transfer center by integrating with urban transportation. Thus, the travel time between Başpınar and GATEM-Oduncular Sitesi will be reduced to 30 minutes. Gaziantep will get faster and cheaper transportation with this investment. Gaziantep

The AK Party deputy of Gaziantep Nejat Koçer, unity and solidarity in the work of the Mayor Fatma Sahin who signed the important works.

AK Party, Gaziantep Provincial Chairman Mehmet Eyup Özkeçeci to Gaziantep by working day night to thank the Mayor Fatma Sahin said he knew a debt.

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