Advantages and Disadvantages of Railway Transportation

Railway transportation, which is denied as the safest transportation method in the world, is actively used in many parts of the world. For example, Switzerland is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to railway. People flock to this country just because of the rail journey. It is made for the train journey that takes days.

The total rail length of our country is unfortunately 9 thousand kilometers. In fact, this is very pitiful. Because there are no railways in many of our provinces, no significant investments are made in this regard. However, in terms of both passenger transport and freight transportation, we can provide advantages to ourselves in many ways. But unfortunately, we cannot put our hands under this field.

It offers more economic and safer opportunities in the national or international area compared to other transportation services.

Although providing transportation services with open or closed wagons according to the type of goods;

It provides a reliable service network especially to the Middle East and European countries and carries out TRANSPORTATION USING 20, 40 ′ NORMAL CONTAINERS AND 45 ′ HC CONTAINERS according to the destination. Our company; With the most suitable wagon type for your load, you can safely and safely zamIt has adopted the principle of delivering on time and in the most appropriate conditions.

Railway services in this area

  • Block Train Organization
  • Single or Group Wagon Organization
  • Railway Container Service
  • Project Transportation
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Not affected by climate conditions
  • Exemption from transit road permit
  • Price advantage

What is a railway?

It is called steel rails that are laid to go on iron wheeled vehicles. It is a layout that provides great convenience in railway transportation. The term railway is used today in terms of vehicles, stations, bridges and tunnels as well as train enterprises. The first railways were built in England. The purpose was to make it easier to transport coal in mines. It was first held in Sheffield in 1776. The date of the first railway for the public is 1801.

This line was also made between Wandsworth and Croydan in England. The establishment of the first railroad in today's sense is from 1813 | come across later. At that time, the first locomotive started operating on the railway between George Stevenson and Darlington. After that, with the development of bridge construction and tunneling j, railway transportation has gained importance day by day. In fact, the length of the railways in the world reached 1.256.000 km after a hundred years after the first railways were built. 420.0000 km of this was in Europe, 170.000 km in Asia and 589.000 km in America.

Advantages of Railway Transportation

Railway transportation is both cost and zamIt is one of the most important transportation methods both in terms of instant and reliability. In addition, as the number of wagons increases, the amount of freight carried and the number of passengers also increase. This increases the carrying capacity. In other words, a highway carries more freight than an airline transportation and provides less cost.

On the other hand, railway transportation is one of the transportation methods that pollute the environment least. In addition, it provides more affordable transportation in general for heavy and high volume loads. As there is no traffic problem, waiting time can be considered as minimum. You can also get information about the delivery time of your product due to the fixed flight times.

If you are carrying heavy loads and zamIf you do not have a border at the moment, however, if there is a railway at the delivery point and the destination, it will be the most logical transportation method. Especially in the transportation of mines such as coal, which are attributed as underground resources, the importance of the railway is very important.

Disadvantages of Railway Transportation

The biggest disadvantage for railway transportation is the inadequate infrastructure. However, limited delivery locations also increase the disadvantage. This problem is growing even more when we think that there are no railways in many cities in our country. Besides, there are not many disadvantages.


Importance of Railway Transportation

Due to the fact that the railway is not developed in our country, we cannot reach much information. However, railway transportation is more important in the regions with railways than in other transportation methods. In the first 25 year of the republic, 4 was built for about one thousand kilometers, but this number did not even reach a thousand kilometers until 2010 years. When we come to the 2018 year, we have increased this number a little with the high speed train made to a few cities.

If we want to live in prosperity, we should increase infrastructure investments and increase production. If you want to get information about railway transportation, you can visit the Borusan Logistics page.

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