World's Fastest 10 Train

World's Fastest 10 Train: Hyperloop One, which completed the fastest test ever at 321 km per hour, and the Spacetrain project, which was developed as a competitor and expected to reach 1.200 km per hour, will undoubtedly change the concept of future “transportation.. But let's take a look at the fastest trains we have right now.

Hyperloop One continues to be the fastest, but unfortunately not the fastest. Even at the time of the last test, the 321 speed is not enough to be the fastest. Let's take a look at the ones that will gil fly Tren between the trains.

  • Shanghai Maglev

The world's fastest train is the first country to come to mind, not in Japan, but in China. Although the Japanese continue to work for the yolculuk fastest train in the world “, Maglev is the first to travel to 8 per person. The Maglev is proud to be at the speed of the 429 km per hour. The train that does not travel to the city goes to Longyang Metro Station from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The train completing the 30 km road in 7 minutes does not give the speed.

  • Harmony CRH380A

The second fastest train is also in China. Since 2010, the train connects Shanghai and Nanjing. Now, the train from Shanghai to Hangzhou and from Wuhan to Guangzhou is moving at a speed of 379 per hour.

  • Trenitalia Frecciarossa 1000

The train, known as the dikkat red arrow Italy of Italy, is the fastest train in Europe. The train, which takes the passengers from Milan to Florence or Rome under the 3 watch, speeds up to 354 per hour.

  • Renfe AVE

When we look at the high-speed trains in Europe, Spain is just behind Italy. Spain's fastest train produced by Siemens Velaro E. You can take you from Barcelona to Paris at the 6 hour, the train is moving at a speed of 349 per hour.

  • DeutscheBahn ICE

When you talk about high speed trains in Europe, you are very wrong if you think that Germany will not be mentioned. Germany's fastest train was designed by Siemens just like in Spain. The speed of the train, named Velaro D, is 329 km.

  • Eurostar e320 and TGV

In the sixth position, Eurostar e320 draws the next train. Eurostar offers an hour-long trip between Brussels, Paris and London. Train passengers at 2 km per hour drive to the heart of the cities on their route.

  • Hayabusa Shinkansen E5

Hayabusa Shinkansen E5 is moving at a speed of 321 an hour. Celebrating its 53 year, Hayabusa Shinkansen E5 follows a route between Tokyo and Osaka.

  • Thalys

Thalys, which connects Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Cologne, is one of the most important train lines in Europe. The train, which travels at a speed of 299 per hour, is frequently used by both travelers and employees.

  • Hokuriku Shinkansen E7

Hokuriku Shinkansen E7 is one of Japan's most popular trains. Hokuriku Shinkansen E7, which will take you to the historical beauties of Japan, is moving at a speed of 259 per hour.

  • Amtrak Acela Express

We're closing the list on an American train. In the 2000, Amtrak Acela travels between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.

Source: they Cntrav

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