ASELSAN Brings Defense Accumulation to Rail Systems

ASELSAN, which is Turkey's largest defense electronics provider, maintains its sustainable growth with value creation in the global market. The company is now among the most important solution partners of the rapidly developing domestic and national rail systems industry.

Reduce target dependence

ASELSAN Transportation Security Energy and Automation (UGES) Group Chairman Seyit Yildirim, who started new projects with the aim of using the information and technology he has accumulated in defense industry in security, transportation, ener-ji and health technologies with the reorganization realized in 2014. With traction systems, train control and management systems, signaling stands out as the key points. vehicle manufacturers in Turkey are getting these systems from abroad. The philosophy of ASELSAN is to bring these and similar technologies to the country in order to minimize the dependence on foreign countries. AS

Stating that these systems are intended to be made entirely with domestic companies and domestic companies, Yıldırım listed the activities as follows: adı Traction Control System, Train Control Management System, Energy Storage System, Railway Energy Distribution and Management System, Main Line Signalization Solutions, Urban Signaling Solutions, Rail and Rail Vehicle Test / Measurement Systems are developing and producing critical technologies within this scope. Çözüm

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 1996'da metro sets on the wagons of a national system instead of electronics on the transfer of the transfer of the Seyit Yildirim, Bursa springs of silk car provided by ASELSAN said.

Seyit Yildirim stated that ASELSAN is ready to take part in the original development of high speed train, national regional train, electric locomotive and subway vehicles with national facilities.

Source: Seyit YILDIRIM - Transportation Security Energy and Automation Systems Sector President - I

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