Giant Budget Transportation Cable Car and Metro for Bursa

Huge budget for Bursa! Transportation, cable car and metro: In addition to the problems spoken for years in Bursa, zamThe projects described as moments dreams turn into reality one by one with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has built a new underground Bursa with infrastructure projects in addition to the investments on the ground, Iznik's Faith Tourism Center, Uludağ being a center that serves 12 months and the concrete steps towards reopening Yunuseli Airport for transportation after years are also 2017 '' also preparing to throw. The Metropolitan Municipality, which invests in every field, regardless of its responsibility, from the repair of the village mosque in the farthest corner of Bursa to the construction of an underground metro in the city center, will continue its work in 2017 without slowing down.

Metropolitan Municipality, which has spent 2016 full of investments in all areas from transportation, infrastructure, historical and cultural heritage to rural development, has also programmed 2017 investments. While the entire 17 district is calculated to the finest detail in the investment program, 2017 billion 2 million TL of 375 billion 1 million TL for the year 195 is allocated to investments. In the investment items, transportation is in the first place for 493 million TL, 382 million 500 thousand TL for green area, waste management and environmental regulations, 161 million TL for service buildings, sports and social facilities, and 149 million TL for expropriation and urban transformation scheduled.

Priority seamless transportation

The municipality, which allocates its lion's share in transportation investments with TL 493 million in the budget, aims to achieve results in projects such as Murat Hüdavendigar Boulevard, Yunuseli Connection Road and Mihraplı Bridge Interchange in 2017. Approximately 12 million TL will be allocated for the construction of Beşyol Junction, whose projects have been completed, and 20 million 144 thousand TL will be spent for the construction of stadium connection roads, junctions and bridges. While the budget of 2017 million is allocated for 91 year for the rail system line between Kent Square and Terminal which is under construction, 20 million 405 thousand TL is allocated to Gökdere Zafer Park / Teferrüç cable car line.

Great investment in the environment

Investments to make Bursa a healthier and livable city will continue unabated in 2017. On the one hand, while BUSKI's stream rehabilitation, treatment facilities within the scope of Gemlik Bay cleaning and infrastructure improvement work continues, Metropolitan Municipality also allocated 2017 million 382 thousand TL resource for environment in 500. 17 district covering the park garden and green area arrangements are planned to invest over TL million 100, environmental protection and waste management is reserved for the budget of 26 million pounds.

Installation in progress

Metropolitan Municipality, which gives Bursa a world-class stadium, sports halls for educational institutions, amateur clubs and sports facilities within walking distance of the people in every neighborhood, will continue to increase these investments in 2017. 2017 million TL budget is allocated for service buildings, sports and social facilities within the budget of 161, Kültürpark Ice Skating Rink, İnegöl Swimming Pool, İnegöl Sports Facilities, Mudanya Ahmet Rüştü Anatolian High School Sports Hall, Yeşilyayla Industrial Vocational High School Sports Hall, İznik Şehit Sedat Pelit Anatolian High School Facilities such as Sports Hall will be provided to Bursa. The existing sports facilities and service buildings in all districts will be maintained and the needed facilities will be provided to these regions.

Continue investing in history

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has enabled Bursa to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List with its historical and cultural heritage investments, and the Grand Prize of the Historic Cities Association this year, will continue its investments in this area. 98 million TL was allocated to historical, cultural and tourism services, while 52 million TL of the budget was allocated to restoration projects. Fatma Sultan Madrasa Hançerli, whose construction is about to be completed, is preparing to take its place among the city trappings in the first months of 2017, and the projects aimed at lifting the historical monuments in the district will continue.

Faith tourism center

In order to include İznik in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has turned the route to historical district investments, is also taking steps to become İznik's Faith Tourism Center, which is also very important for Christianity. While the underwater research of the basilica remains in the lake continues, İznik Walls will meet the projects it deserves in Iznik, 2017 with projects such as Istanbul and Lefke Gate restorations, Abdulvahap Mosque Landscaping, Roman Theater Restoration.

In addition to this, Turkey's most important center of winter tourism in Uludag, thanks to the unremitting efforts Metropolitan Municipality continues to be an important center for providing services 12 months, the hotel was connected to the mains water for the first time. While the parking problem has been solved by the Metropolitan Municipality, the project works for the treatment of wastewater in the facility to be built in Uludağ without being taken down to the city center continues.

Urban transformation

City Square Terminal T2 Tram line is ready to change its face completely, Istanbul Street, Hot Water-Tabakaneleri District and Intam Urban transformation projects will take concrete steps during the year 2017. 149 million TL was transferred to the Expropriation and Urban Transformation Projects, while the expropriation of the lion's share was achieved with 88 million TL in this area. While the budget of 30 million TL is allocated to the Hot Water Project, it is aimed to start manufacturing in the Tanneries region this year.

Transformation of coastal development in rural areas

In addition to supporting farmers with production materials such as equipment, seedlings, seedlings and seeds with the new Metropolitan Law, the Metropolitan Municipality devoted 2017 million TL in rural development investments to 19 in rural areas. While investments to support plant production and animal husbandry continue, construction of rural development facilities will continue at 2017.

Especially the transformation that started on the beaches for the last two years will increase exponentially in 2017. An investment of TL 60 million for coastal services is envisaged, and the value of the coasts will increase with investments to be made in all areas from seabed surveys to sea surface cleaning, maintenance of public beaches and urban design projects on the coasts.

Vision Projects

Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to introduce Bursali with two vision projects in 2017. This year, concrete steps are being taken in the project of reducing the lift to the city center, which has been studied for almost two years. 20 million 405 thousand TL is allocated to the Gökdere Victory Park / Teferrüç ropeway line production is aimed to start. Within the scope of the project, a cable car station will be built on the upper floor of BursaRay Gökdere Station. Sculpture - Setbaşı stops will also be provided by the line, citizens will have the opportunity to reach the cable car at pedestrian distance and reach Uludağ Hotels Region with a comfortable journey.

The whole of Bursa will be the first rail system going underground Lightning Subway project is expected to hit the first dig in 2017. According to the project, the new line will be separated from Gökdere Station and will cross the stream and enter Yıldırım District. Intersecting with the street in front of the municipality of Yildirim and Darussifa will be held at the intersection of Beyazit Station, Davutkadi station will turn up and underground. The subway, which is integrated with the İncirli tram, will pass to the underground stations of Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Street and stop at Baruthane and Değirmenlikızık stations. A station from the High Specialized Intersection. Dr. Fethi Tezok Street, Ertugrulgazi Square, where the intersection of Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Street will be made. Then the Siteler Junction station will reach the subway, this point will come down to the last stop in front of Sevket Yilmaz Hospital.

Flights begin in Yunuseli

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is persistently working to re-open Yunuseli Airport, which was closed to flights after the opening of Yenişehir Airport, will also realize this dream in 2017. While the transfer of the airport to the Metropolitan Municipality is completed, the final preparations are made for the flights. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that flights could start in the first days of the new year. zamHe noted that scheduled flights could start soon, and that the flights from Yunuseli could land on the Golden Horn.

Enjoyed city

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa now as a whole with the 17 district, and the only goal is to enjoy a living in Bursa, he said. Mayor Altepe stated that they will start collecting the fruits of their efforts to solve the transportation problem in 2017. “We will be pulling the loads on Ankara-İzmir highway to Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard with the intersection, bridge and viaduct connections. In addition, we received the 60 from the 22 wagon that we bought locally and will integrate the others into the system during 2017 year. This will reduce the wait time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes and the wait time from 10 minutes to 6 minutes. Thus, the density of wagons will be reduced as the number of flights increases. Both the alternative roads we have opened and the promotion of public transportation, we aim to ease urban transportation. In addition, regardless of whether we have a responsibility area, what our people have demand from us, from the sound system of the village mosque to the roof repair of a central school, we will continue to do as we have done so far. We have one priority and that is the happiness of our people ”.

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