How Fast Hyperloop Works Even from an Airplane

How the Hyperloop Works Fast Even from the Plane: Crazy businessman Elon Musk's train-in-the-train project 'Hyperloop', which runs at speeds of up to 1000 per hour, continues rapidly. Turkey Innovation Week for incoming hyperloop CEO Dirk Ahlborn, "There is no chance of an accident caused by human error," he said.

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Transportation is one of the areas where the world of technology is currently headed. Many solutions have been developed, such as driverless automobiles or man-carrying drones, and are gradually being used in everyday life. However, Elon Musk, known as the crazy businessman of Silicon Valley, attracted all the attention with the tanınan Hyperloop yıl, which is sure to be the transportation technology of the coming years. Thanks to the magnetic fields created in the air-exhausted tunnels, the Hyperloop is a means of transportation in the air, so it can go over the 1000 speed per hour. This makes Hyperloop the fastest public transport in the world. Although Hyperloop is currently in the testing phase, many countries are currently working on it. We talked to Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technology, to learn the latest developments about Hyperloop.

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) organized by Turkey Ahlborn came to Turkey for the Innovation Week, hyperloop for is a tunnel specially developed air, saying if etkinlen the climatic conditions, "acting as chauffeur. That's why there's no control room. Only passengers are riding and going where they go. Because it moves inside the tunnels, it doesn't encounter external factors like any other tool. So there's no chance of an accident that's caused by human mistakes. Compared to other modes of transportation, the risk of aircraft failure is only as risky as 10. Diğer


Ahlborn said that the capsule speeds can exceed 1000 per hour because there is no friction in the tunnels. Lar It has no negative impact on human health. The acceleration and deceleration effects are not felt, Hız he said. Hyperloop is originally planned to be built between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Ahlborn, who asked if there were plans to build Hyperloop in a city famous for traffic like Istanbul, said: traf We primarily focus on how to connect the cities to each other. Solving the traffic problem in cities cannot be done only with technology. Other changes need to be implemented. Başka


The Hyperloop is moving through vacuum tunnels, which are almost completely discharged. Thus, the friction is largely eliminated and the 90 of the electric motor provides energy. There are no wheels in the capsules that move inside the tunnels and carry the passengers. Instead, the capsules are lifted into the air with magnetic cushions and stand in the air for about 10 cm. Thus, the friction speed of the capsules within the tunnel is minimized.


Referring to the investment costs for Hyperloop, Ahlborn said, arsa This is entirely based on route, land price, mast height and number of tunnels. According to our calculations, we see the average cost as 12.5 million dollars per kilometer. Yap


  1. Train 3.5 Million USD
  2. Hyperloop 12.5 USD
  3. High-speed train 35 USD
  4. Metro 130 USD
  • Costs are approximate prices per kilometer.


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