3rd bridge action from the Northern Forests Defense

The third bridge action from the North Forest Defense: The North Forest Defense protested the placement of the last bridge of the 3rd bridge to Sarıyer, where the bridge's connection roads passed.
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A group of members of the Northern Forests Defense protested the construction of the bridge in front of the construction site where the connection roads of the 3rd bridge passed in Sarıyer Uskumruköy. At the moment when the last deck of the 3rd Bridge was placed, gendarmerie, TOMA and scorpions were made available for the group of approximately 5 people acting about 20 km ahead of the ceremony area.
The group, which opened a banner saying "Resisting the Northern Forests", shouted "Don't touch my forest, my water, my land", "Freedom to the forest, the tree, the earth", "The sun, the wind is enough for us".
“The merging of the two sides means nothing before the project is completed”
Seda Elhan, who made a statement on behalf of the Northern Forests Defense, stated that the tender of Kurtköy - Akyazı and Kınalı - Odayeri sections, which are planned to be held in March, are postponed for the fifth time, “The merger of the two sides means nothing before the bridge can be opened until the project is completed. Only 3 kilometers of the project, which consists of 60 kilometers of highway and 35 kilometers of connecting roads, constitutes the third bridge. '2. "The bridge is over ', the tantalum aims to bring millions of trees, which have survived the massacre in the Northern Forests, into a bridge and quietly destroy them."
“They said it was going to be in transit, they left in the middle of the Northern Forests”
"3. Reminding the statements of the bridge that the bridge will be in transit and that there will be no connection roads at the project stage, Elhan said, “They said that the transit will pass, and they left in the middle of the Northern Forests. "We are building the third bridge for trucks that will transit through Istanbul, we will not give any exit, we will just relax the traffic," said the government, and today, it does not even need to conceal that its real intention is actually a "mega rent" project.
Stating that after three kilometers of the third bridge exits, Sarıyer and Beykoz villages in the forest were exited, Elhan said, “The crimes you committed are too many to count. You are the greatest evil that these lands will ever see. You cannot beat nature. He spoke with you as to stop dragging humanity into extinction. Calling Istanbulites, Elhan continued his words as follows: “Despite everything, it is in our hands to change the story for 3 million trees that still resist in the Northern Forests. Cancel the tender to cut the millions of trees. Stop these rent projects that you are trying to market as a transportation project.
Stop building in the forest, which continues to feed on the rent created by the 3rd bridge. Do not sign the death warrant of Istanbul, which is now breathing hard, by paving the way for the murder of the Northern Forests. Do not leave Istanbul and Marmara without breath and water, do not destroy forests and watersheds ”. The group, where security forces did not intervene, disbanded after the announcement.

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