Halkalı Edirne High Speed ​​Line Route

Halkalı Edirne high speed train line route:229 kilometers The EIA process of the newly determined line in the project, which will have the length, has started. TCDD started the train line that will depart from Istanbul Halkalı and pass through the cities of Tekirdağ and Kırklareli and reach Edirne Kapıkule. Trains that will run on the giant line that will have a length of 229 kilometers will speed up to 200 kilometers per hour.

This line, which has been in service since the first years of the Republic, will be renewed in the face of increasing passenger and freight traffic and will be put into service again. Sivas-Kars High Speed ​​Train, Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train and Istanbul-Ankara high speed Train projects are located on the corridor of this line, which is the sub-component of the project that will revive the Silk Road.

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1520 meters to Canary, 350 meters to Halfburgaz, 20 meters to Istasyon District in Kucukcekmece district

35 meters from Altınşehir, 1 meters from Bahçeşehir 50st Section and 2 meters from Bahçeşehir 70nd Section (Estonşehir) in Başakşehir

150 meters to Tahtakale in Avcılar

20 meters to Deliklikaya, 140 meters to Ömerli and 85 meters to Yeşilbayır in Arnavutköy

60 meters to Gökçeali, 280 meters to İnceğiz and 70 meters to Kabakça in Çatalca

It will be 20 meters from Akören, 450 meters from Bekirli, 400 meters from Kurfallı, 1100 meters from Küçük Sinekli, 130 meters from Büyük Sinekli, 325 meters from Beyciler and 185 meters from Çayırdere in Silivri.


In Çerkezköy 20 meters from the Station, 70 meters from GMK Pasha, 60 meters from the Republic, 135 meters from Fevzi Pasha, 130 meters from Yıldırım Bayezid, 890 meters from Kızılpınar, 40 meters from Veliköy

135 meters to Yanıkağıl in Kapaklı

1000 meters to Misinli in Ergene


650 meters to Büyükkarışleyen, 700 meters to Yıldırım, 700 meters to Fatih, 900 meters to Küçükkarışleyen, 350 meters to Yenibedir, 1400 meters to Eskibedir, 370 meters to Lüleburgaz Center, 700 to Sarıcaali meter

In Babaeski, 270 meters to Düğüncülü, 420 meters to Çiftlik, 600 meters to Nadırlı, 200 meters to Gazi Kemal, 630 meters to Minnetler, 1270 meters to Çengerli, 920 meters to Ertuğrul, 260 to Ağayeri. meter


100 meters to Naipyusuf, 900 meters to Kabaağaç, 600 meters to Kuzucu, 90 meters to Abalar in Havsa

600 meters from Tayakadın, 90 meters from European City Houses, 500 meters from Kocasinan, 60 meters from İstasyon District, 1 meters from 720st Murat, 20 meters from Talatpaşa and 20 meters from Dilaver Bey in the Center. 160 meters to Yıldırım Bayezid and 70 meters to Yenikadın.

* Distances were determined based on the nearest settlement to the railway route in residential areas using Google Earth.

Halkalı Edirne High Speed ​​Line Route

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