World's First Car Ferry Boat

“Suhulet”, the world's first chariot, was built in 1871 by Hüseyin Haki bey and his friends.

During the 1800 years, transportation on both sides of the Bosphorus was carried out with simple boats with the power to move a mixture of sails and oars. During the 1840 years, the small boats of Tersane-i Amire started to provide transportation services in the Bosphorus. At 1850, the company Hay Hayriyye kurul was established and sea transportation services to the people of Istanbul started with larger ferries.

Hüseyin Haki Efendi came to the head of the Company Hayriyye during the 1860 years. Innovative manager Hüseyin Haki, who has been thinking for years on a solution that will facilitate the transportation of vehicles in the Bosphorus, finally opened an idea to the architect of the company Mehmet Usta and asked him to develop it.

As a result of the two working together 1 year; a steamer design that can go forward and backward, with a flat deck, suitable for human transport, with lids at both ends. They sent this design to the UK shipyard. The British admired this design.

The construction lasted approximately 2 years, completed in 1871, 1872 in the '26' chimney number of the world's first car ferry, the Turks, meaning convenience, 'Suhulet' and the name of the world under the Suhulet with the signature of the Turkish history was engraved with gold letters.

The first Turkish car ferry Suhulet features; 45.7 meters long, 8.5 m. With a single-cylinder steam engine of 555 horsepower, 450 weighing gross tons in width, the speed of the 11 was km / h per hour.

This steamer, which was also used in the Çanakkale War, worked for 1958 years on both sides of the Bosphorus until he retired in 87.

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