Haliç Metro Bridge Opened

Haliç Metro Bridge was opened: Speaking at the opening ceremony of Yenikapı Marmaray Station of Şişhane-Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge-Yenikapı Metro Line, Erdogan wished the line to be beneficial to Istanbul residents.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Kartal will be reached in 69,5 minutes from Taksim with the opened subway line. “In a region that has thousands of years of history in Istanbul, we built the line by revealing the history without harming historical artifacts. Considering the delay of the line, we spent 77 million liras and also revealed the historical texture and historical artifacts. This opening will take place 4-4,5 years ago. This was delayed because of our sensitivity. ”

Prime Minister Erdogan noted that another historical step was taken in Istanbul transportation with this line, Şişhane was connected to Yenikapı via the Golden Horn, and this 3,5-kilometer line also connected Sarıyer Hacıosman and Yenikapı by metro.

Stating that Hacıosman, 4. Levent and Taksim and other stations are connected to Göztepe, Maltepe, Üsküdar, Kozyatağı and Kartal via the Yenikapı transfer station via Marmaray, Erdoğan said, “Our citizen who takes the metro from Hacıosman will reach Yenikapı by passing the Golden Horn Bridge. From here, it will cross Marmaray, and from there it will be able to go to Kartal. Now Taksim-Yenikapı is only 7,5 minutes. Taksim-Kadıköy is now 24,5 minutes. Kartal from Taksim is now 69,5 minutes ”.


Erdogan stressed that the line consisting of 3 stations, which will be opened today, is the line in which the world's most difficult metro construction takes place.
“We built this line by revealing the history without harming historical artifacts in a region that has thousands of years of history in Istanbul. While building this line, the known history of Istanbul also emerged. 23 ancient wooden ships appeared. More than 50 thousand historical artifacts were removed. It was also revealed that the history of Istanbul dates back to 8 years. Considering the delay of the line, we spent 500 million liras, that is, 77 trillion liras, we also revealed the historical texture and historical artifacts. This opening will take place 77-4 years ago. This was delayed due to our sensitivity. We preferred the latest technology in rail joints in order not to damage historical artifacts. We minimized noise and vibration. On this line, we built a bridge that will add beauty to Istanbul's beauty on the Golden Horn. Thanks to the station on the Golden Horn, Istanbul residents will benefit from recreation and entertainment opportunities on the bridge. We do not produce words, we produce actions. 4,5 modern technological, equipped, driverless wagons will serve in this line. ”

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the length of the rail system in the city has increased to 141 kilometers with the line opened, and that the construction of 110 kilometers is continuing, their goal in 2019 is to reach 420 kilometers of metro length.

“We are there in the Tenth Year Anthem or 'We knitted with iron nets all over our country'. Who knit? Is this CHP? No. There is no step in the rail system after Gazi Mustafa Kemal. Erdogan said that Istanbul will reach the 2019 km metro line after 776.

Erdogan congratulated Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Kadir Topbaş, the entire team, those who contributed to the construction of the line, architects, engineers, workers, scientists and archaeologists and wished them a safe and comfortable journey to Istanbulites.


Prime Minister Erdogan stated that they used Marmaray again for the first time after the opening and that they reached Yenikapı from Üsküdar in a short time. Cycling was still living in Istanbul Marmaray, voicing citizens have to travel on new subway lines Erdogan, Turkey's Marmaray even said that use a lot of tourists from around the world.

Stating that they talked about Marmaray in Japan and Malaysia and that the world is talking about Marmaray, Erdogan explained that this bridge in Halic will be discussed now. Wishing everyone to experience Marmaray at least once, Erdogan asked the Istanbulites to experience the unique feeling by passing over the Golden Horn with this opened line and descend on the Golden Horn and watch the city.

Erdogan explained that when he went abroad since his election as a mayor, when he saw the advanced facilities and high living standards there, he said, “Why are they not in our country?” He noted that his youth did not live the days when Istanbul had a thirsty and dirty air.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “I am addressing 20-25 year olds. You didn't live those days. Istanbul We had such a job for you, we have prepared such a Turkey, "he said.

Stating that Europe was almost completely burnt down in World War II, Erdogan said that Japanya was also experiencing the same things.


Erdoğan continued his speech by saying that the countries, which have been completely destroyed, have regrouped, rebuilt their country, and started to offer their people the most beautiful and modern facilities.

"Turkey experienced the destruction of World War 2 even though, unfortunately, progress has fallen behind in the race. They did it, our nation was forced to watch and watch with envy due to the helpless administrators. When our brothers working as workers in Europe came, they talked about a different world, the roads, subways and high-speed trains there. They would bring chocolate in their bags. We didn't even have that. Do we have such a problem at the moment? They would bring us notebooks and pens. Even they didn't exist. They would tell us what it felt like to get on a plane. My nation, unfortunately, over the years just sighed, admired, listened. In 1994, we had the crush, bitterness and sadness of this difference. We worked hard for him. We said, 'Whatever is in London, Paris, Berlin, New York will be in Istanbul'. Just as people live, whatever opportunities they have, we said, 'They will have much more in Istanbul.' After the government took over the task we have started to implement it throughout Turkey. We said, 'Whatever exists in England, France, Germany, Japan, and America, our country is worthy of it, it will meet. We made the biggest reforms and made the biggest investments in the history of our Republic. We even surpassed western standards in many areas. Now my citizen is getting on the plane. It is now possible to get on planes between Istanbul and Ankara for the price of a luxury bus. Currently 6-7 different private sector companies are engaged in transportation. Among the world countries, THY is now among the top 7. In 79 years, 6 thousand 100 kilometers of divided roads were built in the history of the Republic. We have built 11 thousand kilometers of divided roads in 17 years. This is our difference. We now have high speed trains of the West. I hope a short zamWe are now completing the Eskişehir-Istanbul stage. Now Ankara-Sivas is being prepared. Are there advanced democratic standards in the West? In our country, it is getting these fast now. We are making much more fundamental reforms. "

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, stating that one of the pending trial or non-prosecution decisions made yesterday regarding the “wave of December 17” was troubled, “Who was disturbed? The trumpets of the parallel structure were disturbed. What was the 'judgment over.' Okay, where were you on December 17? Were the steps taken on December 17 sincere? Everything was a script, this script had actors and actresses. These were their trumpets, their flats. Among them were those who went so far as to ask for the AK Party to be closed down and did not have a share in democracy. ”

"The CHP's general manager, an international newspaper, Turkey gave an interview to a newspaper that the enemy operasyonc" indicating that Erdogan, said:
“It says; 'Turkey from the date of establishment ...' Look, this is very interesting, 'Turkey has turned its face since it was founded 1071't of civilization.' Is that Turkey was founded in 1071? "Now they are trying to make us a Middle Eastern country, this is unacceptable," he says. Brothers, where are you going to fix it now, this is the level. This is the level of the CHP general manager. CHP at the beginning of 1071, Turkey had a general manager who thinks history of the organization. Ignorance is knee-high. Then he insults the Middle East by saying "they are trying to make us a Middle East country". This way he tries to get into someone's eyes. History is zero, geography is zero, religious culture and moral knowledge is zero, politics is already zero, self-confidence is below zero.

Everyone knows where the CHP brought this country from and where everyone knows where the AK Party brought this country from. They condemned our people for black trains for decades, killed them on single-lane roads, infamous hospital doors, turned people through school gates, handed over this country to poverty, corruption and prohibitions. It is only in Istanbul that they have condemned this beautiful city to air pollution, trash, and thirst. Now he talks about dating civilization. This is the CHP mentality, CHP does not work, does not allow work to be done. ”


Reminding that in the speech of Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, the CHP told the CHP that he voted "rejection" for the parking lot project with 100 thousand cars, Erdogan said, "Did you think that they would give yes?" Where there is a good job, they are against that job. It is… that there is this in their nibity, it does not change, they are the same. Unfortunately, they speak differently in the evening and speak differently in the morning. ”

Prime Minister Erdogan, in Istanbul in 1994, then in 2002 all over Turkey expressed that they get rid of this mentality, reminiscent of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took over the CHP.

Erdoğan said, “When I took over from the CHP, Istanbul was dumped, thirsty and dirty. CHP mentality is already garbage, pollution, air pollution, thirst. Wherever he is, you will see them there ”.


Emphasizing that they have reached today by crossing all obstacles, sabotages, and calipers, Prime Minister Erdoğan continued his speech:
“But they can't digest it, they just can't accept it. 'How is Turkey's high-speed train, this is Germany do?' They are trying to prevent the high-speed train. 'How will Turkey's airport capacity annually 100-150 million?' They are trying to prevent this big project. Here you saw the game, you saw the parallel structure. Didn't this parallel structure take steps to prevent the 3rd airport? Threw. Didn't they go to call business people and their entrepreneurs as suspects? They went.

You see, about the December 17 wave yesterday, there were decisions regarding trial without arrest or non-prosecution. Someone was disturbed. Who was disturbed? The trumpets of the parallel structure were disturbed. What is "the judgment is over." Okay, where were you on December 17? Were the steps taken on December 17 sincere? What was thrown according to what, with which evidence, with which document. Everything was a script, this script had actors and actresses. These were their trumpets, their sycophants. Among these, there were those who went so far as to demand the AK Party's closure and did not get their share of democracy. They were unable to ask questions such as 'How can Istanbul become the third bridge, how to build a canal to save the Bosphorus, how does Marmaray pass under the Bosphorus?' Here, they could not accept them, they could not digest them and they were seriously disturbed by them. Remember, CHP doesn't do the same zamdoes not do it right now. But we did, we do and we will. No matter what obstacles they remove, we will continue to grow this country and to serve as servants. "

Prime Minister Erdogan, "our city, to Turkey, they want to harm Turkey's economy. When they could not get any results from there, they wanted to walk to their dirty targets this time with the attempt of December 17 coup. "The December 17 coup attempt with the Gezi events is the initiative of the same political engineers."

Emphasizing that March 30, where local elections will be held, will be a “transformation” and a “breaking point for advanced democracy”, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“For this reason, I especially ask all Istanbulites and all my citizens who watch us on their screens to continue this path by going door-to-door with vigor, being informed, large and alive. Because they have all kinds of cooperation, they have entered. I hope the AK Party government will continue on its way by getting stronger on March 30. Our cities, to Turkey, they want to harm Turkey's economy. Unable to get results from there, this time they wanted to walk to their dirty targets with the December 17 coup attempt. The Gezi events and the December 17 coup attempt are the attempts of the same political engineers. The same dark faces took part behind the scenes in both cases. In both cases, the same media assumed the same duty. Roles are changed, the extras varies the scenario varies both in Turkey is both national will, they target both the global project of Turkey. Here you see what's happening right now. Those who attack our girls wearing headscarves with a beer bottle in hand and that known parallel structure act together, they try to operate together. My brothers! Yesterday you know somebody is the hardest zamAt times he called the headscarf 'furuat', saying 'it is details'. Today, that hijab is carrying water to their enemies' mill. Whatever national value this nation has, they are hostile to it. They are struggling to exploit whatever spiritual value this nation has. "

Noting that whatever they do, Erdogan said that they and the nation will never give way to these "extras", the "dark foci" behind them, and said that the country's economy, democracy, brotherhood and global projects will continue to rise.


Referring to the talks regarding the HSYK arrangement held at the Turkish Grand National Assembly yesterday, Erdoğan said, “There are already 5-10 people from the CHP. "Our staff are all there, perhaps less, than the MHP, but they were all there, and they passed the HSYK law from the Assembly."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said:

“We will walk. We will walk on this path, hopefully affecting the mandate given by our nation with our faith and determination. Because we will not give an opportunity to those who want to prevent this solution process. We will continue to move forward in peace and brotherhood. Let them throw the slander they want, throw the mud they want, and commit the betrayal they want with the power of the media. They are so immoral that they will bring our beloved Prophet off the heir and put him in the truck. They are immoral enough to betray our values. See now; During the Gezi events, they wrote on a wall in Kadıköy: The persecution started in 1453. Brothers and sisters, this is it. In Ankara, they set our flag on fire on the street. Isn't this the CHP? He could not go to Hakkari in the elections and wave a Turkish flag at his rally. Aren't these? Why can't he shake it? It has no such value. No matter how much moral values ​​we have, they always attacked. My brothers! This is it, these are mean, this is treacherous. That known parallel structure is in line with these. The CHP, MHP, all marginal organizations, plus this parallel structure came together in the same alliance. They came together in the demolition business. This is what I am trying to explain to my brothers and sisters at the base of this parallel structure. Do not come to this game. There is no good will in them. Remember 'the roads of Hell are paved with good intentions'. This is how they deceived. That's how they deceived. We came to this game but never after that. I say, 'People who prostrate their foreheads 5 times a day have no business with them.' I say, 'Those who love their flag, their homeland and their nation have nothing to do with them,' and I say it again, it is not the work of my pure, clean, sincere brothers and sisters who are disrespectful enough to make use of our beloved Prophet, that holy spiritual person, for their own affairs. My brother; It is not the work of my sincere brothers and sisters in Anatolia and Thrace with those who are disorganized enough to depict heaven, hell or even Azrail on the screens. That's why I say, come and part your ways. "


Noting that the "parallel structure" meets with CHP, MHP, "Tourists" and all kinds of marginal left organizations, Erdogan is carrying my clean brothers in Anatolia and Thrace towards an abyss. Do not come to this game. ”

They look and works in Istanbul in Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan stressed, "11 years in business, services they produce, they are saying, that produces obstacles and tensions," he said.
Erdogan will not fall into this trap, Sevda said they would continue to produce services.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Let them write what they want in the media, throw the slander they want, tell the lie they want. The media did not bring us here, people brought us, people. You brought it. It is not the media that will take the trust from us. It has Nations. You will see that all the traps they set up will be broken. You will see the trap they set up and they will fall for themselves. March 30 will be the date when this dirty trap will break down. March 30 will be a date when the will of the nation roars again. March 30 where all barriers are removed, before Turkey's 2023 targets will be the date on which clears all obstacles. We are walking on this path first with Allah and then with you. We always walked like that. We will always walk like that. May Allah make our way clear. My Lord, and be our assistant. ”

Erdoğan wished that the Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, which was opened, was one of the symbols of Istanbul, and congratulated those who contributed to the construction of the bridge.

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