Kars Gar Directorate Disability Rail Line Maintenance Repairer Procurement Notice

1- Railway Line Maintenance Repairer is to be employed to work in the art branch of disabled workers, freight and passenger transportation is done together with rail systems in the road maintenance and repair work at least 1 years to be experienced, Candidates work in the workplace, SSK registration number SSK workplace registration number written number will be documented in the service document and SSK service breakdown. 2- A notification will be sent to the addresses of the candidates who will take part in the final list. 3- To participate in the oral examination to be included in the final list, the documents to be published on the TCDD website will be accompanied by the above documents; Population registration sample, Criminal record (Public Prosecutor's Office), Collection certificate, military service (discharge, decommissioning or exemption), 1 pieces of the picture, work request information form (will be published on the web site) of the disabled report is filled in. General Directorate of TCDD Human Resources Department The Presidency will arrive at Gar / ANKARA. Candidates who do not submit their documents will not be taken in the presence of a notary. 4- If the applicants who apply to our announced request, have the required conditions and submit the paperwork, if the demand is below or below 3, the oral exam will take place at 18.10.2012 on the date of 10.00 and if the demand is more than the 3, they will take the oral exam. and will be taken to the oral exam on the same day. 18.10.2012- Disability workers who will work in our organization will work in accordance with the Labor Law numbered 10.00 and the trial period is 5.
Profession Information

Job Experience (Years) Learning Type
Railway Line Maintenance Repairer the practice

Learning Information

Least Learning Level Primary education
Maximum Education Level Primary education

Work Address Information
Other informations

Type of Employer Kamu
Total Number of Open Business 1
Business Contract Type Indefinite Period (Permanent)
Working Mode Full-Time

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