STM System Teleferik A.Ş. Quality Control Technician and Welding Inspector

Company / Business Description
In line with the Integrated Management System implemented in STM Sistem Teleferik A.Ş., to inspect the quality system in accordance with the quality standards and methods and to prepare a report by reviewing the efficiency of the system. to check the conformity of the consumables used in the production, the equipment and the settings used in the production. issuance of non-conforming product reports and reports to the Management Representative by issuing the FEI Reports. to prepare and maintain correctly and completely.
1 - Graduates of machinery, ship, welding technology, machine painting and construction departments of vocational high schools.
2-Quality control and non-destructive controls, 5 years experienced, welding inspector and welded manufacturing process quality control
3 - Liquid penetrant with TS EN 473 PT Level 2 certificate
4- Experienced in material, open to updates.
5- Technical image reading and measurement equipment to use full control.
6- Integrated management system will work in accordance with the requirements and continuous improvement as a principle
7- Class B driving license.
8- Human relations are strong and communication skills are high, responsible.
9- Adopted the principles of team work.
10- Not affiliated with military
11 - preferably with intermediate level of English knowledge
Additional information
Business Area
Quality Control-Assurance
Place in OrganizationTechnical Expert
Mode of Operation: Complete zaminstant
Experience5-10 year
Working Place
Izmir Turkey
Release Date01. 07. 2012
Educational Status

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