Ankara Metro Lines Maps

Ankara Metro Lines Maps: Construction of the Kızılay Batıkent Metro Line, which was selected as the first stage of the Rail Systems network in the Ankara Urban Transportation Master Plan (2015), has started on 29.03.1993.

Ankara M1 Metro Line - Kızılay Batıkent

Starting from Kızılay, the total length of the line serving on the route of Ulus Yenimahalle Demetevler Ostim Batıkent is 14,661 meters. 12 range The system with 108 station and 18 vehicle (series with 6 28 units) was commissioned in 1997.

m1 ankara metro stations
m1 ankara metro stations

Ankara M2 Subway Line - Kızılay Çayyolu

The construction and construction works of the Red Crescent Çayyolu Metro Line, which started construction on 27.09.2002, consist of three phases and consist of a total of 16.590 meters and 11 stations. The first stage of this line is designed as Söğütözü (AŞTİ)-Ümitköy, the second stage is Söğütözü-Necatibey and the third stage is Kızılay-Çayyolu 2.

m2 kizilay cayyolu metro line
m2 kizilay cayyolu metro line

The building and construction works were carried out by our Institution until April 2011 date and the remaining works were transferred to the Ministry of Transport by the protocol on 25.04.2011. For the completion of this line, the contract was signed by the relevant Ministry on 13.12.2011 and the contract was started on 09.02.2012. The completion time of this Metro Line is 730 days and it will be transferred to our organization upon completion.

Ankara M3 Metro Line - Batıkent OSB Törekent

The building and construction works of 15.360 meter line and 11 station between Batıkent and Sincan Törekent were started on 19.02.2001. This line is the continuation of Kızılay Batıkent Metro.

ankara m metro stations
ankara m3 subway stations

Batıkent Sincan Metro Line The building and construction works were carried out by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality until April 2011 and were transferred to the Ministry of Transport with the protocol signed on 25.04.2011 for the completion of the remaining works.

Interactive and Current Ankara Metro Map

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