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BursaRay Video: Here is the video of Bursa Light Rail Site with photos. BursaRay The metro system connecting Bursa's central districts and districts in east-west direction at most points, and its construction started in 1998. BURULAŞ is operated by the company affiliated to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Bursa has significantly relieved urban transportation and traffic.

It is a project that has not been completed yet as it has been done in certain stages. In 2002, it was first opened in two lines. These lines Organized Industryand Şehreküstü 'expiry Line 1 ve Small Industrystarting from Şehreküstüexpiry Line 2Truck. These two lines Stage Ahas created. Stage A, which ended in Sehrekustu in 2008, after approximately three years of construction and construction,Stage B adyyla Arabayatağı 'has been extended to. Work started in 2009 and ended in 2011, Uludağ Universitywhat was extended. With the works that started in 2009 with the savings obtained from the project change in this line, the line was extended to Emek by adding 2 stations to Organize Sanayi, the last station. Line 1 starts from Emek to Caryatagi and line 2 goes to Caryatagi starting from University. The stations between Acemler-Arabayatağı are common for both lines.

BursaRay Route where there are many stations?

BursaRay route, starting from Emek University on the way to Mudanya and from the University on the west, at Acemler station.

What are BursaRay Timetable? zamat?

Afterwards, following Ankara Road, he goes to Şehreküstü Square from the City Square and follows Haşim İşcan Street and ends on the viaduct again on the way to Ankara and ends at the Arabayatağı Station.
Station Locations BursaRay 1. In Steps A and B, there are a total of 5 stations, 23 underground. The total length of the two-lane route is 22,043 km and completely independent of the highway.

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